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New Scholarships for Study Abroad and Global Internships!

Berkeley Summer Abroad  and  Berkeley Global Internships  programs are currently accepting applications for Summer 2019! We have many exciting new locations for 2019, and in even more exciting news,  new scholarships!  Please help us get the word out to your students about these tremendous funding opportunities. Application deadlines are rapidly approaching! 2019 Airola-Murveit Mobility Scholarship, Domestic Berkeley Study Abroad is seeking applicants for the 2019 Airola-Murveit Mobility Scholarship, Domestic. Four scholarships of  $7,500  will be awarded to qualified applicants of the Berkeley Global Internships: Boston, Massachusetts – Research and Entrepreneurship program for Summer 2019.  This funding supports undocumented students .  Applicants  must be receiving an AB 540 nonresident tuition exemption in the 2018-2019 academic year, and have financial need demonstrated by a 2018-2019 California Dream Act application. Applications are due  February 20th!  See complete deta

DIS Interior Architecture Studio is now open for Fall 2019

Dear colleagues, Below, you will find updates about semester and summer study abroad opportunities in the fields of urban design and interior architecture at DIS Copenhagen. I hope you find them interesting and pass on to relevant colleagues. Interior Architecture Studio Open for Fall Semester I am delighted to share that the Interior Architecture Studio is now available during both the fall and spring semesters. The course was previously offered only during the spring semester. We are very excited about this and hope this gives more flexibility for you and your students. Learn about the Interior Architecture Studio Is the Interior Architecture Studio right for your student? The Interior Architecture Studio is for students coming from interior design and interior architecture. We also suggest that architecture students consider the program as an option and a way to dive more deeply into the understanding and design of interior spa

Berkeley Geography - 2019 Summer Course Offerings!

The geography department at UC Berkeley would like to invite your students to join us on campus this summer for summer sessions 2019! We are offering a wide array of courses this summer, many that are lower division and would be a great introduction for students to human geography or earth systems science. Most of these courses are great for students of any background or interest, and there are few that require pre-requisites. Click here  for an info flyer! Students can find the full listing of our summer offerings through the  Berkeley Course Guide . They can also learn more about our department and faculty through the  Berkeley Geography website . Click here  for another info flyer! I have attached several flyers describing our summer courses to this email should you want to print them for display or disperse them via email to your students.  If your students have any questions about summer courses at Berkeley, they can find information to many common questions throu

Media Studies Upper-Division Courses - Summer 2019

****************************** ****************************** ****************************** ***** Media Studies  Upper-Division Courses - Summer 2019                  Open to students in all majors!  *  Media Studies N180-001 : Television Studies (3 units, LG)    taught by  Dr. Josh Jackson  in  Media Studies .   *   Media Studies 190-001 : Special Topics in Media Studies:    Gender, Media & Global Popular Culture (4 units, LG)    taught by  Dr. Meeta Rani Jha  in  Gender and Women Studies .    This course is combined with Gender and Women Studies 111-001.       *  Media Studies 190-002 : Special Topics in Media Studies:    International Media Influence in America (2 units, LG)    taught by  Dr. Ian K. Davis  in  Media Studies .  *   Media Studies 190-003 : Special Topics in Media Studies:    American Consumerism: A Century of Advertising (2 units, LG)    taught by an instructor to be announced.  For more information, see attached flier an

Career Connections: Education & Non-Profit

****************************** ****************************** ****************************** ***************** Career Connections: Education & Non-Profit Thursday, February 21st, 6-8pm Alumni House, Toll Room Are you interested in careers where you can make a positive social impact? Come explore the possibilities through an evening of casual conversations with Cal alums and other professionals working in the Education and Nonprofit fields. All majors are wel come. Please sign up on Handshake Participating Cal Alumni and Professionals: Siya Raj Purohit, Business Operations at Springboard Wendy Lo, Learning Consultant at Self-employed - BA Political Economy of Industrialized Societies (PEIS) '94 Connie Hsu, Assistant Director/Finance & Capital Asset Strategy at UC Berkeley - BA Political Science and Applied Math '05 Hemel Gandhi, Sr. Dir - Sr. Director, Product Strategy and Operations at PowerSchool Inc - MBA '07 Purva Dandona, Head of

Career Center Social Impact Events

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Job Search Lab for Humanities and Social Science Majors* Gearing up for a job or internship search and needing some focused time and help with your resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn?  Attend our Job Search Labs!  These hands-on programs begin with a brief talk by a  career  counselor about that day's topic, followed by "lab time" for you to work on your own.  A counselor will be available to give 1-on-1 feedback and advice. This is a great way to carve out time to work on your job search with the convenience of a  career  professional nearby, should you need assistance.   * Please note that, although the content is tailored toward H and SS majors,  all majors are welcome! Sessions: Mock & Video Interviewing Lab: Feb 22, 12-1pm Career Fair Prep: What Comes After a Perfect Pitch?: Feb 26, 12-1pm LinkedIn Lab: Building Your Profile: Feb 28, 12-1pm LinkedIn Lab: Build and Leverage Your Network: Mar 13, 12-1pm All sessions take place at the  Career  Center

Act NOW to catch Feb ugrad research deadlines; $ to do research this summer!

Right *now*, February, is THE time to catch deadlines for $ and support to carry out research this summer and next year.   For example, SURF L&S , deadline 2/21, provides $5,000 to carry out independent research this summer leading to a senior thesis or its equivalent next year. Eligibility:  3.0 gpa, L&S major, graduating F’19 or S’20, any citizenship status SURF Rose Hills  , deadline 2/21, provides $6,000 to carry out independent or faculty-initiated STEM research this summer. Eligibility:  STEM major, US citizen, from Southern California Haas Scholars Program  , deadline 2/20, NOON, provides up to $13,800 to carry out an independent project this summer and next year. Eligibility:  3.45+ gpa, evidence of financial need, graduating F’19 or S’20 Stronach Baccalaureate Prize  , deadline 3/1, provides up to $25,000 to carry out a public service project after graduation.  Eligibility:  Graduate of UC Berkeley (Bachelors’ degree)  in F’19 or S’20  But

#TGIF: Upcoming Programming

We have some exciting programming coming up hosted through The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF)! Please share with your student advisees. We've attached some graphics that we hope you will share with your networks.  On Thursday, February 21st, 6-7PM, we'll be hosting an abstracts workshop, where TGIF staff will help you craft your spring grant Final Abstract. This will be hosted in 82D bNorth as well. Please RSVP on Facebook  here  and Callink  here . We're also kicking off a new initiative called our Skill Development Workshop Series. The first of 3 workshops this semester was hosted on Tuesday, February 12th, 6-7PM in MLK bNorth. Although this date has passed, this series is open to any current UC Berkeley student, faculty or staff. Please RSVP on Facebook  here  and Callink  here . Stay tuned for updates on the next 2 upcoming workshops! Please help us spread the word about these great resources to our campus community. Special shoutout to our awesome studen