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CalCorps: Magnolia Project

Magnolia Project: Summer Internship, Summer Service Trip, and UNO Semester Exchange Magnolia Project Overview In 2006, UC Berkeley began its work, partnering with community based organizations with a ten year commitment to work together. Formed in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, The Magnolia Project is a University of California, Berkeley student social justice organization created in collaboration with the Cal Corps Public Service Center. This year marks the fifth summer of a ten-year commitment to working in solidarity with Gulf Coast communities. The Magnolia Project seeks dedicated student volunteers who are not afraid to get dirty and challenge their own assumptions about a just rebuilding process in the Gulf Coast. The program offers a 3 week Summer Service Trip, an 8 week Summer Internship Program, and a Semester long exchange with the University of New Orleans. Upcoming Information Sessions! Thursday, October 6th 7-8:30 pm Wednesday, October 12th 7-8:30 pm Mo


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Logo Design Contest sponsored by the Berkeley Real Estate Alumni Association

BREAA is the UC Berkeley alumni group for professionals in the real estate industry. BREAA is in need of a new design that can be easily reproduced and used as a logo on websites, pins, t-shirts, etc. The design should be simple, clean, AND creative. It must contain the words “BREAA” and “Berkeley Real Estate Alumni Association”. Here is a brief description of who we are: The Berkeley Real Estate Alumni Association (BREAA) is an active and interactive

Paid Student Internship with Physical Plant - Campus Services, a 2011 TGIF Funded Project.

Paid Student Internship with Physical Plant - Campus Services, a 2011 TGIF Funded Project. Physical Plant - Campus Services is seeking a student intern to assist with a pilot project to install Differential Pressure Sensors on Air Handling Units in four buildings on campus.  Background: Currently the filters in air handling units are changed based on a prefixed schedule and visual inspection performed by Stationary Engineers.  However, this is not the most efficient way to manage filter changes because a filter may look dirty but it still has lifecycle remaining that cannot be determined by visual inspection alone.  A more efficient and environmentally sustainable method would be to install differential pressure transmitters on air handling units.  These transmitters would communicate and notify our Energy Management System when the filters are at the end of their lifecycle. .   Job Description: The intern will assist with: -        Documenting the progress of this p

Participate in a Product Design Task (Have Fun and Get $20 Paid) Let us know by September 26th

Participate in a Product Design Task (Have Fun and Get $20 Paid) Let us know by September 26th Dear Students, We are Yuan-Yu Liao and Celeste Roschuni. We are student researchers in the Department of Architecture and the Department of Mechanical Engineering. We are still looking for volunteers to participate in a product design task, on Thursday September 29th and Monday Octobor 3rd. The experiment will last about one (1) hour, with an additional 30 minutes of administrative time. You will receive a $20 Amazon gift card. The payment is issued only upon completion of the experiment. September 28th (Wednesday) (1) 05:30 PM to 07:00PM Evening (FULL)  September 29th (Thursday) (2) 10:30 AM to 12:00PM  (3) 01:00 PM to 02:30PM  (4) 03:30 PM to 05:00PM  October 3rd (Monday) (5) 05:30 PM to 07:00PM Evening If you're interested in participating, please email Yuan-Yu Liao ( ) with your name, major and your available times. You will be assigned to one of the

CalSO Counselor Applications are Now Available!

Hello!  We are pleased to announce that applications to become a CalSO Counselor for the summer of 2012 are now available at . Why should you be a CalSO counselor?  You’ll gain valuable experience and skills in public speaking, group facilitation, counseling, problem solving, and public relations, which will make you a competitive candidate for any future career.  You'll be able to reach out to new frosh and transfer students and their families to boost their confidence and help them take that first big step to Berkeley while performing a critical service for the University.  You'll have opportunities to form long-lasting friendships with a diverse and close-knit group of students.  And, you'll learn a lot about yourself. What kind of impact can you make?  If you were able to attend CalSO, you may have found it valuable to talk to counselors with whom you share a common experience (e.g. frosh/transfer, fall/spring admit, fro