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The GREEN Program in Iceland!

Twitter:   Dive into #sustainability & renewable #energy this #summerbreak with @theGREENprogram on a 10-day adventure in #Iceland! For more information & how to apply: Facebook/LinkedIn: Join The GREEN Program in Iceland this summer break! In addition to the country’s sustainability foundation, Iceland is a top destination for awe-inspiring adventure travel and eco-tourism. Home to jaw-dropping natural landscapes & pristine topography as well as authentic Nordic culture & welcoming atmosphere, Iceland is the destination for experiential sustainability education, bucket list adventuring, and unique cultural immersion. For more information & how to apply, please visit:   Home Programs Apply   APPLY   LEARN MORE   APPLY  

Volunteers Needed: Fam1st Family Foundation

Volunteers  Needed!! The Fam1st Family Foundation  seeks College of Environmental Design students to explore architecture and design with youth. Ideal volunteers enjoy working collaboratively with youth to build confidence and creativity. Spring Semester 2018 Tuesdays and/or Thursdays from  5:00 PM - 7:00 PM @ West Oakland Youth Center 3233 Market Street, Oakland, CA 94608 For more info or to RSVP email: Lucia Castello & Cameron Toler w/ subject header: Beastmode Builds Volunteer

Forestry Field Camp application due for Summer 2018!

Forestry  Field  Camp  applicatio n due for Summer 2018!   Forestry  Field  Camp  at the University of California, Berkeley is an eight-week intensive program that provides an introduction to the scientific and professional dimensions of  forest  and wildland resource management.     It consists of four courses: ESPM 105A, B, C, and D which provide students with 11 semester credits from the University of California, Berkeley.  Students study the biota, soils, and geology in the beautiful mountains of the Plumas National  Forest .  For more information about the experience:  https://forestryca Summer Session C:  June 18-Aug. 10 (though students arrive  Sunday, June 17th  at  camp ) Apply at  https://forestrycamp.berkel Deadline for application extended:  March 25, 2018   If you have any questions, please contact me at

Last Minute CS 61A Tutoring for Midterm


Multicultural Community Center Newsletter

The Destiny of Earthseed Is to take root among the stars.       It is to live and to thrive  On new earths.                                            It is to become new beings And to consider new questions.                    It is to leap into the heavens                                Again and again.                             It is to explore the vastness Of heaven.                                                              It is to explore the vastness                                  Of ourselves. -Octavia Butler WoCR & NoCR is here! The Multicultural Community Center presents "From Among the Stars,” our 7th annual Week of Cultural Resistance and 18th annual Night of Cultural Resistance theme. “From Among the Stars”—this year’s WoCR/NoCR theme—is an invitation to honor and embody the legacies of generations that lend us energy to thrive today. Inspired by Octavia Butler, we acknowledge the power and necessity of imagination as a strategy