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Mentored Research Opportunity - Cal-ADAR

Cal-ADAR  is Berkeley's mentored research program in life course research (aka demography of aging) for underrepresented college students. ADAR stands for Advancing Diversity in Demography of Aging. Cal-ADAR provides students with a community in which to develop quantitative social science skills and use them to study socially relevant issues. Each summer, up to 12 Cal-ADAR scholars are selected for the program, which takes place over their junior and senior years and the summer in between (seniors with at least 2 semesters left are also eligible). Scholars are given generous financial support (partial tuition/fees, up to 3 semesters), a paid summer internship, travel stipend for conference travel and support and mentoring from faculty members and Cal-ADAR staff through graduation and beyond. Cal-ADAR scholars have gone on to work in local government, finance, academic research. Many are actively pursuing graduate school. Cal-ADAR equips our scholars with concrete skills in da

Chicano 180

Here is one last course being offered in Summer Session D that we are hoping you can help us publicize to your students.  The course is being taught by Visiting Professor Luis Leon. Please see the attached flyer for more information.

Comparative Literature Classes with Open Seats

We still have room in 4 of our summer classes, 1 in session C and 3 in session D. Included are descriptions and flyers.    1.  W60AC (new online course in session C):  Boroughs and Barrios:  NYC and LA.  Karina Palau instructor, Course Number 16102. 2.  N60AC.002 (session D, TWTh  1-3:30 , 105 Dwinelle)  Finding America, Founding America, Foundling America with instructor Cory Merrill, course number 13390. 3.  R1B.001 (session D TWTh  1-3:30 , 235 Dwinelle) Sea Changes in Film and Poetry.  Simona Schneider instructor, Course Number 14906. 4.  R1B. 002 (session D TWTh  10-12:30 , 235 Dwinelle)  Celebrity Status:  The Art of Being Famous.  Johnathan Vaknin instructor, course number 14907.  

Asian American Studies 132AC


Apply to be a Cultural Peer Mentor

Apply To be a Cultural Peer Mentor! Are you interested in making new friends from various countries? Are you eager to learn about different cultures and languages? Do you want to increase your leadership, event planning, and intercultural skills? Who Are We? The Cultural Peer Mentors (CPM’s) serve to provide guidance, resources, and support to visiting international students who are studying at UC Berkeley as part of the Berkeley International Study Program (BISP). We are here to assist BISP students to make successful cultural and academic transitions at UC Berkeley. We aim for Cal students and international students to develop awareness of other cultures and acquire intercultural competency through frequent interaction with each other. These skills are essential in an increasingly globalized economy and for working across differences. Each semester, the Berkeley International Study Program (BISP) welcomes well over 200 international students from around the globe

Self Defense Classes

Self Defense for Self Determination Mon, June 25, 2018 4:00 - 6:00 pm Multicultural Community Center,  Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union,  2495 Bancroft Way, Suite #220 University of California - Berkeley    Please sign-up to hold a spot because space is limited! Self Defense for Self Determination: Intro to self defense and de-escalation strategies This introductory training is led by Mamie Chow, who is part of a collective of queer-identified women and nonbinary people of color self defense collective. Our approach is rooted in social justice and healing, promoting sex-positive self defense strategies through community-based trainings that emphasize prevention. In this 2-hour training you will learn and practice: ·    Increasing awareness through breath and body consciousness ·    Body language and using your voice ·    De-escalation strategies and interrupting harassment ·    Assessing situation

Summer Sessions International Studies Breadth

PS2:   Introduction to Comparative Politics Summer Session D 6 weeks,  July 2 - August 10 Instructor: Wendy Sinek Class #: 14328 ntent/2018-summer-polsci-n2-00 1-lec-001 Who has the right to hold power in society?  Is there a “recipe” for economic development, and can it be applied to all countries, everywhere?  Is it possible to build democracy in places like North Korea, Iran, and China—or is democracy inappropriate, or impossible, within some cultural contexts?   What can ordinary people do to bring about political change?  These are some of the fundamental questions in comparative politics, and we will be wrestling with these issues over the course of the semester.  This course is designed to give you an introduction to dynamics of political and economic development, both within and across countries around the world. This course can satisfy either the Social & Behavioral Sciences or International Studies breadth requirement.

Summer Sessions Philosophy and Values Breadth

Do you still need to satisfy your Philosophy & Values breadth requirement?  Chicano Studies 110 "Latina/o Philosophy and Religious Thought" offered in Summer Session D satisfies the P&V requirement and still has plenty of open seats.  Please see the attached flyer for more information on the course. The course is being taught by Visiting Professor Lara Medina from CSU Northridge: s/chicana-chicano-studies/lara -medina

Undergrad Housing Research Assistant Position

Interested in housing? Love mentoring high s chool students? And looking to get involved in research at Berkeley? The Center for Community Innovation (see  http://communi  to learn more about the Center) is looking for research assistants to help with a study of housing conditions in East Palo Alto, North Fair Oaks, and Menlo Park -- specifically, around the Facebook campus. We are working with a small group of local high school students to unde rstand housing issues.  We are looking for research assistants to help the high school students conduct observation of housing issues, such as  overcr owding or illegal units. The research will involve traveling to San Mateo County one-three days per week for fieldwork. There will also be work transcribing interviews and organizing observation  dat a -- work which you can do in our Berkeley campus office, or at home (flexible  h ours). We are looking for research assistants to start in late June. We expect yo

Open Seats in Visual Studies 187A

CED Students, do you need to complete the Upper Div Outside Major requirement? Consider taking this great summer class! It fulfills the requirement for all students in CED.  Visual Studies 187 A,  Freehand Drawing: Drawing from Observation Instructor – Katie Hawkinson Summer Session 3 units June 18 - Aug 8 Mondays and Wednesdays  1:00 – 4:00 pm COURSE DESCRIPTION: Drawing is the most direct approach to visual expression, and at the same time a meaningful way to understand both the built and the natural environment. To be able to communicate through drawing we need to learn both the aspect of making and also the aspect of reading drawings - and understanding how they work. This course will focus primarily on empirical learning in studio as well as a more theoretical exploration in lectures involving the history of drawing. We will look at and discuss drawn images starting with the cave paintings, working our way through the Renaissance and ending with the 21st centu

Open Seats in EPS 50

The Department of Earth and Planetary Science is offering  EPS 50 The Planet Earth  for the first time during Summer Sessions! The course is required for all EPS majors and minors, and it counts as Physical Science Breadth! This summer class will be very small compared to our fall and spring EPS 50 classes.

Course Facilitator Job Opening

The Transfer Student Center is now hiring for our EDU 198 Course Facilitator for the Fall 2018 Semester. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Steven Nguyen at LEARN MORE AND APPLY TODAY:  www.transfers.berkeley. edu/careers

Open Seats in Public Health N112

Public Health N112 Global Health in Summer Session 2018-A #15253 has limited seats available. This course fulfills the College of Letters & Science   7-course breadth requirement for International Studies and Social & Behavioral Sciences. Follow this link to see the flyer