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Institute of European Studies Grants and Fellowships

The Institute of European Studies (IES) is pleased to announce a call for applications for several grants and fellowships for UC Berkeley undergraduates, graduates, postgraduates, faculty and lecturers undertaking research and study in Europe. This year, three new grants were added: the Helmut Kohl Award for research on Germany and Europe as well and scholarships stemming from new exchange agreements with Jena University and Regensburg University.  FOR  UNDERGRADUATES FLAS Fellowships  for  European Language Study   for  Academic Year and Summer Courses at UCB and Abroad. Undergraduates are eligible to apply. More information  here -- Due January 29,  2018 Claremont-UC Undergraduate Research Conference on the European Union in Cooperation with  IES.  Students may pursue a wide range of topics that reflect their interest, expertise, and past research. Topics may deal with any aspect of European integration or transatlantic relations. Hotel accommodations and meals covered 

Available Seats in Remarkable Course

One of the most remarkable courses on campus still has over 20 seats available, probably because students need to apply to enroll. I think that scares them off--or they are reluctant to "waste" units on a course that they may not get into. Ironically this means that pretty much everyone who applies gets in. The professors are looking for students of all backgrounds, no specific major, and all levels. They want a good mix. What is this amazing class? The  Sense and Sensibility and Science  Big Ideas Course. This is an only-in-Berkeley experience, not to be missed. Where else would you find a Nobel Laureate in Physics co-teaching a course with a philosopher and a social psychologist? And not only that, it's a lower-division course for non-majors. Who does that?? And not only that, but the professors hang around after class for a half hour most weeks, to chat with whoever wants to chat with them. If you were a student wouldn't you jump at the chance to get to know S

Discovery Courses with Seats Available

The Planets : satisfies Physical Science breadth. Co-taught by Courtney Dressing and Raymond Jeanloz Environmental Issues : Satisfies Biological Science or Social and Behavioral Studies breadth. Taught by Ron Amundson Living on the Edge  (about the hazards threatening populations inhabiting the coastal regions bordering the Pacific Ocean and the engineering and societal challenges these hazards pose): satisfies Physical Science breadth. Taught by Robert Kayen Physics for Future Presidents : Satisfies Physical Science breadth Taught by Holger Muller And we just opened a couple of additional sections of the wildly popular L&S 160B course:  Effective Personal Ethics for the 21st Century , taught by Jack Phillips. These will go fast. Finally, this is not a Discovery Course, but there are seats available in the Arts Entrepreneurship course, L&C 105.

Herbal Landscaping Project

Seeking: CED students to help develop a landscape design plan for an herbal landscaping project in the College of Natural Resources in SPRING 2018. There is potential for compensation, or I am hoping it can be worked into class projects. Follow this link: Details of design and proposal.

Big Idea Courses with Seats Available

A handful of our spring Big Ideas Courses still have seats available. Details are at  http://bigideascourses.berkele , and a glimpse of each of them appears below. These courses are so great that we want to make sure as many students as possible hear about them. Climate Change and the Future of California : satisfies Bio Sciences breadth. Co-taught by David Ackerly (IB), David Sedlak (CEE), Whendee Silver (ESPM) and Steve Weissman (Law and Pub Policy) Crowds and Clouds : satisfies Arts and Literature or Social and Behavioral Sciences breadth.  Co-taught by Julia Bryan-Wilson (Art Practice), Cori Hayden (Anthro) and Anne Walsh (History of Art) Magic, Religion and Science : satisfies Historical Studies or Philosophy and Values breadth. Co-taught by Rita Lucarelli (Near Eastern Studies) and Maria Mavroudi (History)

¡Presente! Conference

If you self-identify as part of the Latin/South/Central American diaspora or Brown or Indigenous, please apply online by  December 1  to attend the 2nd ¡Presente! Conference at UCR. The conference on Saturday, February 10, 2018 will be held in the Alumni Center so we must cap attendance at 150 people.  Anyone who applies to attend by Dec 1 will be given priority . ( Friday’s  events are free and open to all, with Gabby Rivera.) Saturday’s  speakers include Juniperangelica Cordova, a brown, transgender Chicana, rooted in love and liberation for her people; and Bamby Salcedo returns to explore TransLatinx Liberation. Link to apply: /presenteregistration2018 Conference website:  https://presenteconference.blo La Familia de UCR ,  Chicano Student Programs , and the  LGBT Resource Center  of UC Riverside invite you to join Un Espacio For Our QT Community at the 2nd ¡Presente! Conference on  February 9-10, 2018 . The ¡Present! Conferen

Designing the Bay Area to Survive Climate Change

SPUR Hosts Innovative Proposals for Adapting to Sea Level Rise New York’s Rebuild by Design process following Hurricane Sandy came up with bold proposals for strengthening resilience to climate change, some of which are now being built. This month, we get our first glimpse of the Bay Area version from the Resilient by Design: Bay Area Challenge. After touring all nine Bay Area counties, the project’s 10 design teams have initial proposals to share. You can  view them on line  or in person: Presentation boards are touring SPUR’s San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose offices over the next two weeks. Check our  Facebook  and  Twitter  feeds to learn when the tour will be near you. And please share your comments by  December 1  to get your feedback incorporated into the next phase. View and comment on the designs >> How Should Cities Get Ready for Autonomous Cars? The National Association of City Transportation Officials released its Blueprint for Autonomous Urbanism