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$30,000 for artist to design an illuminated pedestrian navigation system in San Jose

A $30,000 fellowship for an artist to design a data-oriented illuminated pedestrian navigation system for San Jose. One of many creative ideas coming out of the Zero1 gallery and the City of San Jose public art program. default/files/docs/SJPA_RFQ_ Final.pdf   Qualifications due May 20 .

Junior Level Designer/Drafter Wanted at Pacific Design Group

Job Description Pacific Design Group is a design oriented architecture firm located in Larkspur, specializing in residential and commercial projects. We have been in business for over 25 years and maintain long-standing client relationships. We have an immediate opening for a junior level designer / drafter to work on design support and production for a range of projects. A minimum of one year of office experience is required as well as skills in design and construction documentation. Great opportunity for candidates seeking licensure. Schedule is flexible. Qualifications AutoCAD 2013, Revit, and SketchUp skills are required. How to Apply Please submit a digital copy of your resume along with 3-4 images illustrating what you feel is your strongest work to: . Phone calls will not be accepted.

Register now: 2013 Summer Fabrication Shop and CAD/CAM Workshops

CED ANNOUNCEMENT Register now: 2013 Summer Fabrication Shop and CAD/CAM Workshops  Registration is open until workshop is full Register now for the 2013 Summer Fabrication Shop and CAD/CAM Workshops offered here at CED this summer. Registration can be done online here or via in person at 477 Wurster Hall. End Table Construction by Matthew Wolpe. Learn some of the fundamental techniques behind making furniture with domestic sustainable hardwoods. The project will be constructing a mortise and tenon end-table. Review different types of hardwoods and tools that are specific to furniture making. Learn the process of milling stock, measuring, marking and cutting joinery, sharpening chisels, gluing up a table top panel, sanding and finishing. Ring Making by Semar Prom. This workshop will introduce precious metals construction techniques. Learn cutting, forming, annealing, silver soldering, and finishing techniques on copper and sterling silver. Acquire the skills to make a copper ring,

Summer Session A: Ethnic Studies 144AC- "Racism and the U.S Law: Historical Treatment of Peoples of Color"- Announcement

Ethnic Studies 144AC - "Racism and the U.S. Law: Historical Treatment of Peoples of Color" Monday/Wednesday, 5-9pm, 213 Wheeler Hall Session A: May 28-July 3 CCN: 43890 "Learn about the evolution of American legal treatment of race from the colonial era to the Obama era! Earn your American Cultures requirement while learning about the law from a civil rights attorney with a Ph.D. in ethnic studies! Do you wonder what the talking heads mean when they say that America is "Post-Racial"? We will examine this concept critically in the context of the history of the complex relationship between legal/juridicial structures and racial formation in the United States. We will consider how legal processes are interrelated with discourses and practices about race and rights in the U.S. In order to unravel the DNA of this relationship, we will investigate the formation of citizenship rights; education access; and police and war powers amongst other contexts. "

CED Alum Documentary Screening: If You Build It (May 28th)

Come see a documentary about the work of CED young alum, Emily Pilloton! Event details: And a trailer: (password is "bertie") Join us for a sneak peek screening of If You Build It , a full-length documentary that chronicles one year in our Studio H design/build high school program. Made by acclaimed filmmakers Patrick Creadon and Christine O'Malley, along with executive producer Neal Baer, If You Build It tells the stories of 13 students from Bertie County, North Carolina, who dreamed up a beautiful solution that would change the face of their hometown, then went out and built all 2,000 square feet of it. As their instructors, we were honored to work with them and lead them along the journey. The story exemplifies the power of hands-on education, the raw brilliance of youth, and the impact a few budding creative minds can have on the future of a community. Come see the film before it is widely released,

Summer Session A: Info 181 - Technology and Poverty - Announcement

INFO 181. Technology and Poverty (3 units) Instructor(s): Elisa Oreglia/Neha Kumar Time: MWF 2-4:30 (Session A: May 28 - July 3, 2013) Location: 210 South Hall CCN: 49825 This course will encourage students to think broadly about the interplay between technological systems, social processes, economic activities, and political contingencies in efforts to alleviate poverty. Students will come to understand poverty not only in terms of high-level indicators, but from a ground-level perspective as ‘the poor’ experience and describe it for themselves. The role played by individuals and societies of the developing world as active agents in processes of technology adoption and use will be a central theme. Technologies connection to socio-economic development efforts will be put into historical context by exposing students to several phases of intensive interest including the ‘green revolution,’ the push towards industrialization, the ‘appropriate technologies’ movement, and more recent intere

UTOSA Public Interest Design Student Leadership Summit: May 28 to June 1

The University of Texas at Austin‘s Center for Sustainable Development is pleased to announce the inaugural “Design Futures” Public Interest Design (PID) Student Leadership Forum . The event will be held at UT-Austin, May 28-June 1, 2013. It will unite a select group of multi-disciplinary students and emerging leaders in the PID field. The forum will explore the emergence of PID in history, and will examine a range of issues related to skills development and best practice in this rapidly emerging field. Established leaders in the field will share their perspectives on the theory, practice, and experience of PID across the world through explorations of different models of practice and how to approach different topics such as affordable housing, public space, international development, and more. Please see the agenda for an up-to-date list of speakers and events. Students who attend the Design Futures PID Student Leadership Forum will gain specific training in some of the core skill

May Events at SPUR

Events The Space Between Home and School Wednesday, May 8, 2013, 6:00 p.m. We traditionally think that schooling begins at the first bell, but a student’s education is also shaped by time spent at home and on the way to school. Redefining the roles of home and community is critical to academic success for our future leaders. Join us for an in-depth look at how urban planning can improve access to quality education in San Francisco. Co-presented by Parents of Public Schools – San Francisco. Register now >> Annie Alley's Pedestrian Plaza The Yerba Buena Street Life Plan identifies Annie Alley as a key opportunity for a new open space within San Francisco’s downtown. What better way to explore the idea than a pilot project transforming the alley into a temporary public promenade, complete with planting, seating and activities? Help SPUR and the Yerba Buena Community Benefit District jumpstart outdoor events in Annie Alley by spending the week with us. May 20 — Ci

"SF's Housing Crisis" - Panel and Event May 14

The San Francisco Housing Action Coalition is a small organization that advocates for the development of well-designed housing at all levels of affordability in San Francisco. On May 14, next Tuesday, we are co-hosting an event with San Francisco Magazine titled "SF's Housing Crisis: Can the Tech Boom Help Us?" This topic could not be more relevant. We have an awesome panel that includes Enrico Moretti, a economics professor at CAL. The event will consist of a reception followed by a panel discussion. It is just two hours long and it would be a great experience for urban planning students. Tickets for students are only $15, which is under cost. They just need to bring a valid student ID.

Open Position at MTP Architects

MTP Architects is a multi-discipline design firm known for its innovative strategic thinking and bespoke sustainable design. The work of the firm and its employees is diverse, encompassing corporate offices, tenant improvements, retail design, restaurant design, interior and exterior historic building renovation, single and multi-resident housing, and high-rise and low-rise building design. We are interviewing qualified candidates for the following position. JUNIOR DESIGNER A graduate of a Architecture/Interior Architecture program, with one to three years of cumulative working experience. Junior Designer’s responsibilities include: -Transposition of redlined check set data to working drawing in progress -All phases of design and planning -Completion of site, foundation and floor plans, elevations, sections and schedules for smaller buildings -Transposition of sketched details, sections, and notes onto working drawing sheets -Near completion of site, floor plans, etc. for large

Oakland Community Builders Internship Program - Now Accepting Applications

Oakland Community Builders Internship Program Accepting Student Applications for 2013-14 Interested in grassroots community organizing? Want to gain experience working on pressing social justice issues on the ground in the East Bay? Apply to be an Oakland Community Builders intern! Priority Application Deadline: May 8, 2013 Preliminary Interviews May 9, 2013 Oakland Community Builders (OCB) is a yearlong internship program that trains students in what it means to be a community organizer while addressing the needs of communities in the East Bay. OCB will: · Challenge you to analyze community organizing tactics and social issues rather than just read about them · Offer you a chance to contribute to your local community · Let you meet and interact with other students who share your interest in civic engagement. You will leave the program with tools and experiences that will be useful and applicable to your own community organizing projects. In addition to interning in t

Fall 2013 Discovery Courses - Satisfy Breadth Requirements!

Announcing: Fall 2013 Discovery Courses, an ideal way to satisfy breadth! L&S 120C: The Bible in Western Culture , Ron Hendel--satisfies Arts and Literature or Social and Behavioral Sciences breadth L&S C30T: Drugs and the Brain , David Presti--satisfies Biological Science breadth L&S C140V: The Archaeology of Health and Disease , Sabrina Agarwal and Laurie Wilkie--satisfies Historical Studies or Social and Behavioral Studies breadth L&S C140V: The History and Practice of Human Rights , Stefan-Ludwig Hoffman--satisfies Historical Studies or Social and Behavioral Studies breadth L&S C70T: The Planets , Geoffrey Marcy--satisfies Physical Science breadth L&S C70V: Physics for Future Presidents , Bob Jacobsen--satisfies Physical Science breadth L&S C70Y: Earthquakes in Your Backyard , RIchard Allen--satisfies Physical Science breadth L&S C180T: Language and Power , Claire Kramsch--satisfies Social and Behavioral Sciences or Arts and Literature breadth

Apply to 2013-2014 Shinnyo-en Peacebuilding Leadership Prgram

Shinnyo-en Peacebuilding Leadership Program Are you currently engaged in service and/or working for social justice? Are you ready to deepen the impact of your work for change? Join the new campus-wide “Shinnyo-en Peacebuilding Leadership Program” for any undergraduate or graduate who is committed to making a difference in the world and meet your peers, develop your leadership skills and be eligible for grants up to $5000 to actualize your community-based projects. Website: Shinnyo-en Peacebuilding Leadership Program Apply Online: Register to receive CCN