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Arch 169: Special Topics in Construction Materials

There is still space available in Arch 169: Special Topics in Construction Materials ON CHERRY TREES AND ENTROPY A course the ecology of construction materials: how raw materials are transformed into building components, assembled, then torn down and disposed of at the end of their life-cycle, and how these trajectories interact with the environment. In real life.  Starting point of the course is Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things , first published in 2002. That book carries a somewhat problematic legacy now, but the utopia it lined had a tremendous impact on architecture, design, manufacturing and politics. We will use the book and its visionary tale as a prism to look at the more dismal reality in the field.   Alongside lectures, films and seminars, the course will include visits to state-of-the-art demolition sites and materials recovery facilities in the

Architectural Design Competitions - Arcbazar

Dear Students, I am writing to you in regards to Arcbazar, an exciting MIT VMS affiliated start-up in Cambridge, MA. We administer small-to-medium scale architectural design competitions geared towards architecture students and recent graduates. We are located at Dogpatch Labs, part of Microsoft’s NERD center in the MIT campus. Arcbazar offers a unique design platform that gives your students and recent graduates an opportunity to hone their skills by competing on smaller scale real-world design problems in the US and around the world. These smaller-scale competitions may be an opportunity for your students to win quick cash prizes, perhaps connect with potential clients, develop their portfolio, and put their name out in the design world before they even graduate. H


Job Bulletin:  SANTA CLARA VALLEY TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITY invites applications for the position of:  Student Intern An Equal Opportunity Employer SALARY: $15.00 /Hour OPENING DATE: 05/21/12 CLOSING DATE: 06/01/12 04:00 PM GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Candidates must be enrolled in a Department of Education accredited college or university in the current term, or the term prior to and/or subsequent to their internship with VTA. The enrollment must be full time, consisting of 12 semester or quarter units.  Please read this entire job announcement before applying for the Student Intern position, print and keep a copy of this announcement so that you can refer to it.  Official proof of current, previous, or upcoming term full time enrollment must be attached to the application - Incomplete applications will be rejected. Candidates must check their own application status through their on-line account as no rejection notices will be sent. Only on-line applications will be accepted for the Studen

Berkeley's Library Survey

If you care about the Library, please take the survey. We have an urgent need for your opinion on how Berkeley should change the library services we offer. Please take the 10 minute survey at: survey will only be available until May 31^st so please take it today, before you leave town. If you have questions, please contact me at < > .Thank you for your time. David Eifler Librarian, Interim Head Environmental Design Library < >,

NEW COURSE summer 2012 Arch 179 002: Gerostathopoulos

Tuesday-Thursday 6-9 pm FILM [TIME] ARCHITECTURE Cinematic spaces of modernism postmodernism and beyond. A selection of European and American films will be the focus of the seminar discussions helping to  understand twentieth century historical developments in the concepts of S P A C E A N D T I M E,  the P O L I T I C A L and E C O N O M I C factors that shape our cities and the design of single  structures. Filmic constructions amplify, contradict, re/de construct space/time in architecture and urbanism. In our analysis buildings will assume the role of cinematic protagonists: the modern metropolis is continuing to inspire entire filmographies, and the suburban home is often a character equally important as the people living there. At the same time, the mass spectacle of film had the unique ability to shape collective identity in key periods of the twentieth century, in a way similar to new urban constellations, the factory and new spaces of leisure. Dziga Vertov

Research Assistant for Dan Chatman

Please contact Prof. Dan Chatman < > if you are interested! Professor Dan Chatman seeks a reliable and enthusiastic research assistant immediately for the period of May 21st to June 29 for at least three days (24 hours) per week, working on campus . Pay will be at standard campus research assistant rates depending on experience and graduate/undergraduate status. Tasks will include some or all of the following depending on ability and experience: -Downloading, retrieving, printing and photocopying articles and books -Downloading, formatting, and describing data from the American Community Survey and the National Household Transportation Survey -Cleaning and recoding survey data using Stata software -Using GIS software to geocode addresses, zipcodes, and municipalities; calculate network or airline distances between points Experience with Stata and ArcGIS (or similar software) desired, but not necessary. To apply, please send cover em

Summer Teaching and Assistant Positions - Japan

 SUMMER P/T JOB POSTING 3-WEEK SUMMER TEACHING and ASSISTANT POSITIONS FOR JAPANESE YOUTH AFFECTED BY THE 2011 EARTHQUAKE & TSUNAMI [JULY 23 – AUGUST 11, 2012] Program Description:   Tutoring TOMODACHI Summer 2012 SoftBank Leadership Program TOMODACHI is a public-private initiative endorsed by the US and Japanese governments to support Japan's recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake. The program goal is to foster the next generation of Japanese and Americans, a "TOMODACHI generation" of driven doers, thinkers and creators who are invested in the future of U.S.-Japan relations. Supporting the mission of TOMODACHI, SOFTBANK CORP will provide up to 300 Japanese high school students from the disaster-affected regions with an intensive 3-week program at UC Berkeley focusing on global leadership development and community service. Administered by Ayusa International , a non-profit educational exchange organization established in San Franc

Interested in writing a thesis?

Env Des 195 (directed study leading to preparation of a senior thesis) is available FL 12 and is open to all Juniors and Seniors in CED. -- Susan Hagstrom, Director CED Office of Undergraduate Advising

Summer Course - Aesthetic Autopsies ARCH 179-001, 3 credits

Attention All Architecture Students! The following course will be offered in  Summer Session C... AESTHETIC AUTOPSIES ARCH 179-001, 3 credits Instructor: Braden Engel , CLASS TIME: 18 June – 10 August, 2012 (Session C) Tuesday & Thursday, 9am-12pm LOCATION: 104 Wurster Course Description: If we find a mound in the forest, six foot long and three foot wide, formed into a pyramid shape by a shovel we become serious and something within us says, ‘Someone lies buried here’. This is architecture. Adolf Loos, “Architecture” 1910 au•top•sy [<Gr autos, self + opsis, a sight] examination of a dead body to discover the cause of death. Histories of architecture are full of descriptions of dead buildings. Historians, then, write eulogies, or at best, belated biographies. But if this is the case, then what was the cause of death, and who is responsible? The etymology of the term “autopsy” reveals that it is essentially an act of

Film class on Auteur Theory in the summer session A

I am a lecturer at UC Berkeley Film and Media Department.  I am teaching a Film class on Auteur Theory in the summer session A. I thought that some Architecture undergraduates might be interested in my class, and I was wondering whether you could email the flyer to them.  They can find the description here: 2012/02/summer-2012-session-a/ Thank you very much! regards, nil.  nilgun bayraktar Gray Lecturer, UC Berkeley Ph.D, UC Berkeley  Performance Studies D.E. in Film Studies

Weeklong Learning Journey in Tohoku in August 2012

Japan for Sustainability announces call for student applicants for weeklong Learning Journey in Tohoku in August 2012 (a "Learn toCreate in Tohoku" project) (Tokyo, April 19, 2012) .  Japan for Sustainability (Chief Executive Junko Edahiro) is putting out the call for students who wish to participate in a learning journey to Tohoku in August 20-26, 2012 . The Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011, caused catastrophic damage in northeastern Japan, particularly in the three prefectures of Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima . One year later, rehabilitation and reconstruction work continues in the affected areas, but it is now clear that true recovery will take much longer than originally anticipated. During the recovery process, for years to come, it will be important for children to continue having hopes and dreams, for youth to acquire and apply leadership skills for the reconstruction, and for people to share what they learn with the world while improving the recovery proce

Another Summer Spain Study Abroad

Another summer Spain study abroad opportunity. Contact Philip Speranza (below) for more information. Barcelona Urban Design Program.  We have some limited places for Cal students in each program: June 11- July 10 for New Jersey Institute of Technology and one Harvard student, , $3000 including airfare from NYC (we can adjust for Cal students). July 11- August 10 for University of Oregon students,  http://studyabroad. com_content&view=article&id= 1306&Itemid=83&catid=308& itemid=83 ,  $4400 not including airfare. For more information:   Philip Speranza, RA California and New York, LEEP AP Assistant Professor, AAA, University of Oregon Director, l|c|a: BCN Urban Design Program

Interns - The U.S. Green Building Council- Northern California

The U.S. Green Building Council- Northern California, best known for our LEED Certification System, is looking for two outstanding interns for an exciting, high-profile initiative we're gearing up to launch soon (more details attached).  Given that the initiative is not yet public, I can't provide many details, however I can say that it's related to President Obama's Better Buildings Challenge, and we're hoping to launch the program with Bill Clinton in June. Ashleigh Talberth, LEED® AP BD&C Senior Manager U.S. Green Building Council, Northern California Chapter 130 Sutter Street, Suite 600 San Francisco, CA 94104 Direct: 415.659.9396 Fax: 415.520.0864 USGBC-Northern California Seeks an Exceptional:  Communications Intern (Summer) For a Unique Opportunity to Support a High-Pro

GROUND UP: ISSUE ONE Landscapes of Uncertainty here!

The moment you've all been waiting for... Please join us for our Publication Launch Party this Saturday evening, May 12th, in Wurster Hall. WHEN: 7:30pm-10:30pm WHERE: Wurster Hall 2nd Floor Lobby Food and drink provided, that's right, free booze and food, and most importantly.... Issue One On Sale! Get your copy Saturday! On behalf of all the students who have worked so hard the past year, we are incredibly excited to share this moment with all of you. Feel free to bring family, significant others, and any other guests. For more information, e-mail me at < > See you there! -- Darryl Jones ASLA President, UC Berkeley Chapter & Co-Creative Director GROUND UP Journal < > Master of Landscape Architecture, 2D Candidate UC Berkeley // College of Environmental Design

DCRP Celebration Volunteers NEEDED

This year the, the DCRP End of Year Celebration is on Sunday, May 13th from 1-2 PM (Note that this is a separate event from the CED Commencement  at Zellerbach Hall) DCRP Celebration Volunteer Options: 1.Coordinate Student Slideshow (photos from social events played before and after program) 2.Handing out programs (should be a continuing student) 3.Help set up and clean up for the reception (should be a continuing student) Please let me know if you're interested in volunteering. Thanks! Yerdua Caesar-Kaptoech Student Affairs Officer City and Regional Planning 228 Wurster Hall #1850 Berkeley, CA 94720-1850 P: 510.643.9440

Research Study - Earn $65

The Clinical Research Center is now recruiting experienced soft contact lens wearers for a new 2-day contact lens study! Study dates are either May 14-15 or May 21-22 .    Compensation is a flat $65 for 4 visits (about 2hrs of total time) . Our office is located at 110A Minor Hall, adjacent to Haas/Wurster.  If you are interested or have any questions, please call our office  510-643-9252  or  510- 642-9731  to see if you qualify. You will need to provide a hard copy of your contact lens prescription to be included in the study.

Landscape Architecture Major Handbook Curriculum Changes

The most up-to-date version of the Landscape Architecture Major Handbook has a few curriculum changes which you should take note on page 6.  Notably, for those of you going into your Fall Junior year, make sure you enroll in LA 101, LA 134A, LA 110 (LA 170 is moved to Spring), and your American Cultures course (which, if you have fulfilled it, can be substituted with a CED Upper Div Non-Major, minor course, or elective). There are some other changes in the order in which you will take courses as well as the removal of LA 111 and addition of LA 134B.  Please feel free to come in during drop-in or email me with any questions.  The rest of my hours this week are: Wednesday, 4/25:  1-4pm Thursday, 4/26:  9am-noon We are also open during RRR week, finals, and summer. I hope you are all hanging in there! Take care, Donna

ASLA Officer Position

Ever feel like your voice isn’t being heard? Have a good idea you think will benefit the department? Wanna bring change to your experience here at UC Berkeley? If so, YOU SHOULD RUN FOR A STUDENT ASLA OFFICER POSITION!!! Nomination forms will be posted later today on the Official Student ASLA bulletin board outside the doors to 315. You may nominate yourself or someone else you think would do a good job. The nomination period will close this Friday 4/27 at midnight. Nominees will then be notified and the online election will occur during RRR week. Come to the ASLA meeting today at 1pm to learn more. Michael J. Cook Vice President-ASLA Student Chapter Master of Landscape Architecture '12 UC Berkeley - College of Environmental Design

Job Opportunity:Associate, Housing & Community Development

Silicon Valley Leadership Group Associate, Housing & Community Development Deadline for submissions is May 31 st , 2012.  Please submit cover letter and resume to The Housing & Community Development Associate supports the housing work of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group and the Housing Action Coalition.  The Associate leads the constituency building efforts of these organizations in order to create more public support for housing and sound land use planning.  BACKGROUND Opposition to housing exists for a variety of reasons including school impacts, fiscal issues and increased traffic.  Unfortunately, housing affordability remains one of the toughest challenges in Silicon Valley.  The Housing Action Coalition was formed to create a supportive voice for housing bringing together disparate interests to facilitate the construction of more homes for those who struggle to live in Silico