Monday, July 29, 2013

Turing Test Tournament- Launch of New Online Chat Game for UC Berkeley Students

We are excited to announce the launch of a new online chat game for UC Berkeley’s incoming class of 2013 (and everyone else on campus!), the Turing Test Tournament.
The Turing Test Tournament is an experimental chat-based game that will connect you with thousands of other Berkeley students in a contest of identity. Compete against other students in trying to tell human from machine, then join a chat yourself and see if you can convincingly perform a given role.The tournament is team-based and offers cash prizes for your favorite student organization, so join a guild of your choosing and start playing today! This will be the most entertaining test you’ll ever pass at UC Berkeley.
The Turing Test Tournament is based on Alan Turing’s famous test for machine intelligence, and was developed for UC Berkeley’s On the Same Page Program in partnership with the Berkeley Center for New Media. The game is in beta, and we are looking forward to your comments on the program as we develop new versions and levels. If you would like to comment, propose a new guild, or join the development effort, please contact the project coordinator, Lara Markstein, at

We have also lined up faculty and celebrity players – you never know who you’ll encounter in the Turing Test Tournament!

Enter the Workplace of the Future Design Competition- Extended Deadline August 7th, 2013

Enter the Workplace of the Future design competition!
Co-produced by Metropolis and Business Interiors by Staples.

Submit your vision for how we will work in 2020.
Extended deadline is August 7, 2013!
The winner will be awarded $7,500. A runner-up prize of $2,500 will also be awarded.
Winning submissions will be publicized globally.

For more information and to register:
Contact us:

Internship Opportunity in the City of Berkeley's Design Review Committee

The City of Berkeley’s Design Review Committee under the Land Use Planning Division is looking for an intern for Design Review!
Internship Announcement
Department of Planning and Development Land Use Planning Division
Date Issued: July 22, 2013
Open until filled

The City of Berkeley offers its residents one of California's most interesting and diverse living environments. It is known for its ability to attract strong individuals with energy, tolerance, and flexibility as well as for its ability to encompass change without sacrificing either its essential character or the quality of life. The Land Use Planning Division is responsible for developing and implementing plans, policies and procedures as they relate to land use and development projects in the City.
The Division is soliciting resumes to fill the Design Review Committee internship position. The successful applicants will have the opportunity to gain skills in land use policy development and/or implementation, and the public participatory process in a highly politicized, dense and diverse urban environment. Salary range $16.90-$24.57/hour, depending on experience. The position is for six-month assignment with the possibility of extension, at a maximum of 19 hours per week.

Qualifications: The ideal candidates will be undergraduates (in their junior or senior year) or graduate students in Urban Studies, City Planning, Architecture, Historic Preservation, Public Policy, Geography, or other related fields; posses excellent organizational and communication skills; be proficient with basic Microsoft Office computer programs; and be able to work independently and follow through the assigned tasks. Intern should be at least 21 years of age for insurance purposes for City Carshare. The internship description follows:
Design Review Committee Intern

Duties: The qualified candidate will assist the Design Review Planner with implementation of various City of Berkeley design guidelines and specific area plans; prepare large building projects for monthly Design Review Committee meetings, attend and observe meetings; assist with Staff level Design Review for smaller building projects, signs and awnings; and communicate with applicants and citizens to coordinate project applications.

Contact: Interested individuals should submit a resume and cover letter by email to Anne Burns, Associate Planner ( as soon as possible.

Recruiting Students for Summer Research (PAID)

Recruiting Undergraduate/Graduate/Summer school (only female) students for conducting a comfort study in August.
Briefly explaning about the test:
Testing comfort levels for varied conditions of air temperature and velocity in a room. During the test period, participants will be seated in a room and can do work with a laptop or read a book. They will give them a questionnaire so that they can report their comfort levels. The study will be conducted in August (around Aug. 10) and each test will take less than 4 hours.

WHO: Female Students (18+) who would like to participate in our comfort study in the indoor built environment.
WHAT: An Experiment for thermal comfort preferences. You will spend 2.5-3.5 hours at a time sitting at a desk and doing your own computer related work. We will periodically ask you questions about your thermal comfort.
PAYMENT: $15 per Hour (test and Instruction). You are required to participate all test (7.5-10.5 hours total).
WHEN: August 2013
WHERE: Building Science Laboratory, 272 Wurster Hall, UC Berkeley
HOW: Please send an email to Donghyun Rim
           We'll contact you with more details and arrange a time that fits your schedule

DIS Registration Open for Spring 2014

Registration is now open for the Spring 2014 semester at DIS!

As always, our courses and housing options do fill on a first come, first served basis and we have rolling admissions. While our application deadline of November 1st is still very far away, any students planning to apply to our program should do so sooner rather than later. We expect that courses and housing options will start to fill at the end of October.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Deadline for The Leadership Award Extended: July 12, 2013

The Leadership Award (

The original deadline was June 30, but because of a server crash, they have extended the deadline through this Friday, July 12. Please encourage any eligible student leaders to take advantage of the extended deadline and apply online.
Application Link:

Good Luck & GO BEARS!

Three Weeks to Deadline: "Workplace of the Future" Design Competition

Enter the Workplace of the Future design competition!
Co-produced by Metropolis and Business Interiors by Staples.

Submit your vision for how we will work in 2020.
Deadline is July 31, 2013!
The winner will be awarded $7,500. A runner-up prize of $2,500 will also be awarded.
Winning submissions will be publicized globally.

For more information and to register:
Contact us:

Career Center Hiring Peers For 2013-2014

The Career Center prepares undergraduates, graduate students, and alumni to make informed decisions about their futures by providing comprehensive resources, programs, and counseling on career development, internships, employment, and graduate school. The Peer Advisor position is an integral role in the success of our programs and services. Working directly with and supervised by a Career Counselor, Peer Advisors are trained to be extremely knowledgeable about Career Center services, and will assist students through providing daily customer service in the Career Center, one-to-one advising, and conducting workshops.

You must qualify for Work Study to apply for this position.
For a complete description and instructions on how to apply, please see the Work Study site.

Applications due Friday, July 13.
For questions, contact Santina Pitcher at

Kaplan Student Campus Representative Position At UC Berkeley

They are hiring about 4 more students to be on the campus representative team for next year. Preferable well-connected candidates that are able to manage their time well, and have a vibrant personality. If you fit these traits (and the job description at the link below), please feel free to apply.

Contact: Joe Hostetler I Campus Manager I Berkeley/East Bay I Kaplan Test Prep.
Phone Number: (916.969.7680)

Meditation, Studying, And Living (Arch 98, 198)

Seats available!
Arch 198, CCN: 03804
Arch 298, CCN: 03954
Arch 98, CCN: 03606

Fall 2013
Jean-Paul Bourdier 1 unit
11 -12 Wednesday
104 Wurster Hall

Open to all majors, graduate and undergraduate class levels. The purpose of this course is to discover how the anxieties and confusing questions that arise in our mind can be grounded-- or even dissolved-- into the equanimous space of our Body-Heart, lending greater clarity. To directly experience this state of being, each week we will participate in a question/answer period and meditate shortly in the class. All questions and answers sessions will address ANY of your questions and delve into who we are, what is the nature of our mind and how meditation and other techniques may help us become intimate with ourselves, while possibly letting us see the difference between knowledge and experience, changing our creativity, our view on spirituality and our outlook on studying and living. Homework will include: a commitment to meditate 20 minutes every morning (starting with an initial period of 5 minutes and increasing to 20 minutes in 15 days); writing down a minimum of 4 sentences on your daily sitting experience; reading every day at night any spiritual book of your choice for 15 minutes and writing at least 4 sentences or questions related to your reading and realizations.

Attendance, to (outside of class) meetings with visiting spiritual leaders in the Bay Area (such as those presented by East Bay Open Circle in Berkeley or the California Institute of Integral Studies in SF will be strongly encouraged ( but not mandatory). Some of you may form weekly section meditation meetings but this will also not be mandatory.

Three separate sets of copies (bound in a three-ring binder ) will be collected thrice during the semester. These three sets are: a copy of your daily meditation notes, a copy of your daily readings, a copy of your notes during the class, and eventually a copy of your notes taken during meetings outside of class. No change in the requirements will be accepted.

Your grade will be based on the following: 70% for class attendance, 10% for daily meditation notes, , 10% for daily reading notes and 10% for your class notes. You will need a 90% grade in all categories to pass the class. No absence will be accepted without a doctor’s note (and if you are absent more than one time during the class time you will not pass the class).

Selection to be admitted into the class will be by “consent of instructor”. If there are less than 20 students the first day of class, everyone will be admitted and the instructor will give the CEC# at the end of the hour. If there are more than 20 students, you will fill out a questionnaire at the end of the first class and schedule a short interview with the instructor on the following day. Two days after the first class, the final class list with CEC# and a waiting list will be posted on the office door at # 349 Wurster after 12PM.

Showing up the first day of class is therefore essential.
Teacher’s site:

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Design Competition

Architizer puts together a myriad of competitions, which we would love for Berkeley to be a part of. A direct link to one of the favorite ongoing competitions, which offers a prize of 10k. We pride ourselves on excellent competitions and would love to include as many students as possible.

Good Luck & GO BEARS!