Saturday, October 25, 2014

Institute Of International Studies Undergraduate Merit Scholarship

Description: The Institute of International Studies (IIS) Undergraduate Merit Scholarship supports undergraduate research in any area of international studies. Research may be conducted independently, in congruence with an honors thesis, or while studying abroad.

Submission Instructions: The application can be found on the IIS website:
 Please ask your recommender to e-mail the recommendation letter directly to

Eligibility: Open to any UC Berkeley junior or senior with a minimum 3.5 GPA who has completed at least one semester of study in residence at Berkeley. All majors are eligible and encouraged to apply. (Note: concurrent enrollment students are not eligible to apply.)

Award Amount: Merit scholarships will be up to $2000 each.
Application Deadline: Wednesday, November 19, 2014.

Please email with any questions, or call 510-642-2474.

Smithsonian Garden Intern Program

Applications for internships should be received no later than the dates listed below.

Winter/Spring Internships: November 15 
Summer Internships: February 1
Fall internships: May 15

Requirements for applying to the Smithsonian Garden intern program:
Submit an on-line application 
Two letters of recommendation
College transcript(s)
Essay describing background, interest in field, career goals and chosen project. 

Further details about the internship and how to apply can be found on our website at .

Kenneth Simmons Community Design Lecture: Bradford C. Grant

Tuesday, 11/04/14 6:00pm – 8:00pm 
121 Wurster Hall

Event Program
Reception - 6:00 - 6:30pm
Lecture - 6:30 - 8:00pm
Design as an Act of Love

Architecture has significant potential to advance the common good and empower people and communities worldwide. With that conviction, Grant's work with the "Fetzer Institute" and the "Center for Contemplative Mind in Society" sought to catalyze personal growth and social change through reflective practices and strategic support of design projects that demonstrated beauty, compassion, democracy, inclusivity and innovation.

Green Corps

Hello, my name is Jane Wiedenbeck, and I am a graduate Green Corps, the non-profit Field School for Environmental Organizing. I am getting the word out to graduating seniors at Berkeley about our paid training program in environmental organizing and advocacy.

My Green Corps experience prepared me for the work I do now: planning trainings and helping with staff development for non-profits across the country as the National Administrator for the Public Interest Network. Green Corps has a history of hiring students from Berkeley, and I want to make sure that seniors hear about this opportunity – so I’m working to spread the word far and wide!

Please  reach out to me directly at 303-573-5995 ex 343 or with any questions. 

ASUC Sexual Assault Commission

The ASUC Sexual Assault Commission is working on the Cal Consent Campaign - for reference, the group created a series of posters around Halloween with messages like "My dress is not a yes" . The group is looking for folks to be models for the next campaign focused on bystander intervention and supporting survivors. Please have students contact Meghan Warner directly (contact is below)

"The Cal Consent Campaign is doing another photo campaign. The goal is to emphasize consent and dispel rape myths. This series will focus on bystander intervention and supporting survivors. We are seeking students who would want to be in the posters (without their faces shown). Please let students know. They can e-mail if they're interested.”