Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Oakland Needs More — Here’s How to Get It

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At a recent neighborhood design session for the Downtown Oakland Specific Plan, an Uptown Oakland resident was asked what she thought her neighborhood needed out of the plan. “More, more of everything,” was her answer. More housing, more places to shop, more parks, more and better transit, and on and on. 
That need for more, and the inability to deliver it, has been a defining characteristic of the last few decades in Oakland, especially when comparing the city to its rich neighbor across the Bay. Oakland is now in a moment when that can change — but it will require some deliberate and farsighted action to grow the city’s job and tax revenue bases. The outcome is by no means guaranteed, but it can happen. This week on the SPUR blog, we make the case for how to get Oakland the resources it needs.
Robert Ogilvie
Oakland Director, SPUR
Oakland Needs More — Here’s How to Get It
Oaklanders have been willing to tax themselves heavily over the years, but it’s never enough to provide an adequate level of services. The need for more, and the inability to deliver it, has been a defining characteristic of the city for the last few decades. How can Oakland change this? By growing its job and tax revenue bases.
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Bay Area Transportation Measure Will Go to Voters in June
In January, the Bay Area Toll Authority voted to place Regional Measure 3 on the June 2018 ballot. The measure would raise $4.45 billion for significant transportation projects throughout the Bay Area, plus $60 million annually for transit operating support. Funding would be generated by a $3 toll increase on all Bay Area bridges, with the exception of the Golden Gate. The spending plan includes both transit and road projects, including new BART and Muni railcars, a BART extension to downtown San Jose, a Caltrain extension to the new Transbay Terminal, expansion of the San Francisco Bay ferry system and express buses and bus rapid transit in the East Bay. Funding from the proposed measure was assumed in Plan Bay Area, the region’s long-range transportation plan. SPUR is co-chairing the campaign committee along with the Silicon Valley Leadership Group and the Bay Area Council and has been very involved in developing the measure.
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Affordable Housing in Expensive Cities
Many economically successful cities have a seemingly permanent crisis of affordable housing. Policymakers in these cities expend great amounts of energy trying to bring down housing costs with subsidies and rent control. But these efforts are undermined by planning decisions that make housing for most people vastly more expensive than it has to be by restricting the supply of new units, even in the face of growing demand. In an article for the Journal of Economic Perspectives, SPUR President Gabriel Metcalf explores these issues and proposes some more effective approaches to housing policy.
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Reading the City
SPUR recently put out the call to planners, architects, designers, developers, professors, technologists and others with a simple question: What’s your favorite book about cities? Of course we got a lot of Jane Jacobs. But we also heard about a London epidemic, modernism in Barcelona, Hanya Yanagihara and a history of Bourbon Street. We invite you to peruse this list and read to your heart’s content. We’d love to hear what your favorite book on cities is, too. Let us know at editor@spur.org.
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City Leadership
Stanford study: Oakland police have dramatically reduced stops of black people.
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Mayor Libby Schaaf takes a stand against the federal government’s threats to target sanctuary cities.
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Parcel tax to fund Oakland public libraries goes to ballot in June.
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Oakland city employees union votes to ratify agreement.
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Oakland officer voiced concerns about Ghost Ship.
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Development News
EBALDC and the Unity Council break ground on housing next to Fruitvale BART, Oakland's largest affordable project in four years.
SF Business Times >>
A new contender for Oakland's tallest new building: 1750 Broadway.
SF Business Times >>
Pandora cuts staff in Oakland, will expand in Atlanta.
SF Business Times >>
New developer oWow aiming to build for the “missing middle” through smart design.
SF Business Times >>
Oakland’s largest landlord? The mystery company that bought Uber’s Uptown Station.
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As crime goes down, Oakland booms — but will homelessness undo all of that?
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Retail downturn and asbestos discovery threaten Rockridge redevelopment project.
Mercury News >>
New report: Most California cities are failing to build enough housing.
East Bay Times >>
State lawmakers want to restore redevelopment in next gubernatorial administration — but it will be complicated.
Los Angeles Times >>
Concord steps up to housing crisis, will invest millions in affordable housing.
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Economy and Equity
Our housing crisis is self-inflicted — but there are things we can do to fix it.
East Bay Express >>
State appeals court upholds Oakland landlord’s 125 percent rent increase.
East Bay Express >>
$40 million facility for homeless planned in Alameda.
East Bay Times >>
Proposed roll back of Community Reinvestment Act will hit places like Fruitvale hard.
Awesome Stuff
Celebrate Oakland’s first Black Joy Parade on February 25.
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Art’s Crab Shack gets a new life as Copper Spoon Cocktails and Kitchen.
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East Bay breweries get more options for sourcing local ingredients.
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The romance of Venice — in Oakland: This Valentine’s Day, take a gondola.
An East Bay business mogul is out to rebuild a Bay Area beer icon.
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Digital Marketing Undergraduate Interns at the Fung Institute

Hiring: Digital Marketing Undergraduate Interns at the Fung Institute
We seek students with real interest in social media and marketing; team players who relish the challenge of helping us take our marketing efforts to the next level. We operate in an internship model, where we take your personal and professional growth seriously. You will be given as much responsibility as you can handle, as well as the support you need to grow. Our work culture is caring, positive, high performing, accountable and collaborative, and we’re looking for that in our interns.

These are shared skill sets between the open intern positions: email marketing, social media marketing, copywriting, analytics, graphic design, videography, and photography. In your cover letter, please rank them in terms of your current skill level and interests.

Shared Team Responsibilities:
  • Content Creation: Investigates, interviews, and develops media about current students, alumni, staff, faculty, and industry partners
  • Social Media Marketing: Helps develop and execute our marketing and social media strategies. Manages and grows our current marketing channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Medium. Uses social media analytics to hone campaigns for efficacy; set up metrics for each channel, monitor, and keep team latest social media trends and innovations
  • Email Marketing: Creates, manages, and monitors performance of email campaigns via Hubspot
  • Relationship  Management: Finds creative ways to engage our audience—spark conversations and develop relationships with campus and industry partners. Manages on-campus club relationships with engineering clubs and organizations
  • Website and Analytics: Maintains web metrics and spearhead reporting via Google Analytics. Monitors for trends and areas for growth on our website
  • Attends weekly marketing team meetings with the expectation to lead on occasion
  • Assists at Fung Institute events as needed

Required qualifications:
  • UC Berkeley undergraduate student, available throughout academic year (Sept-May)
  • Exceptional command of English: efficient and effective writing and editing abilities
  • Strong analytical ability: Delves into analytics to improve processes; willingness to learn and research solutions independently
  • Creativity: Finds creative ways to engage specific audiences
  • Independent worker with ability to manage multiple projects and meet deadlines
  • Excellent task management and problem-solving skills.

Preferred qualifications:
  • Professional experience with social media accounts
  • Google Analytics experience
  • Adobe Creative Suite: Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop expertise
  • WordPress.org experience
  • Photography and/or videography expertise
  • Experience with email strategy or content management system platforms

  • Required training with current interns during Spring 2018, 10-15 hours total (paid)
  • 10 hours per week, beginning Fall 2018
  • Potential to begin work Summer 2018
  • Compensation: Student Assistant III, depending on experience, $13.75-25.00 per hour.

How to Apply: Please submit a single PDF document including your cover letter and resume to Fung_Mk.830opcx74bcipuhm@u.box.com. The deadline to apply is Monday, March 5, 2018.

Full details about the position: https://funginstitute.berkeley.edu/digital-marketing-intern/

Summer Class with Great Professor to meet American Cultures Requirement

Comparative Literature has a new online course that meets the American Cultures requirement; it will be offered this summer during session C, taught by Karina Palau. 

She is a great instructor; her Sp18 60AC course was bursting at the seams and we had to turn away students.
This class is ideal for those who need to finish their AC requirement and who will be away for some or all of summer.

Session C - 4 Units (June 18th - August 10th)
Comparative Literature W60AC "Boroughs and Barrios - Moving and through NYC & LA"  CN #16102 (section: #16110)  

Rosberg/Geist Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Rosberg/Geist Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Deadline: Thursday, 1 March 2018
The Center for African Studies is pleased to announce the 2018 competition for an undergraduate fellowship of up to $3,000 to support travel to Africa for research and study. The award is a memorial to Carl Rosberg (1923-1996), former professor of Political Science, Director of the Institute of International Studies, and founder of the Center for African Studies at the University of California at Berkeley; and to his student, Judith Geist, who followed in his footsteps with her work in East Africa.

Eligibility: Current UC Berkeley Undergraduate Students with an interest in Africa who will be registered in the 2017-18 academic year (i.e., one must return to campus as a registered student following the research trip). Priority will be given to 1) students with training in African studies and foreign languages, particularly African languages, and 2) students with demonstrated financial need who otherwise would not be able to travel to the African continent.

Funding: Fellowships of up to $3,000 are available to defray the costs of travel to Africa to conduct research focused on Africa-related topics. Generally, such travel will take place during summer, but other arrangements, such as during winter break, may be possible. If costs are to exceed $3,000, students are expected to find additional funds to cover the balance.

Read The Art of Writing Proposals (Pzreworski & Saloman) and visit our Tips for Researchers page for help on preparing your application.