Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Fall 2015 Course

L&S 23: The Humanities
Daniel Boyarin (Rhetoric and Near Eastern Studies)
Michael Nylan (History)
L&S 23 (CCN: 51944)
Tuesday and Thursday 5:00-6:30, 159 Mulford Hall, 4 units
Satisfies Historical Studies or Philosophy and Values breadth in the College of Letters & Science.

ARCHmedium Competition

ARCHmedium competitions aim to be a learning experience to complement their formal education which enables students to enrich their learning experience and gain confidence by becoming acquainted with the modus operandi of this kind of competitions inside the professional architectural world, giving them the opportunity to see their projects published in prestigious international magazines and exhibited at architecture schools from around the world.

Entry registration is now open to international undergraduate students and young architects who will be awarded separately from students prizes.
More information can be found here

All Systems Go Student Design Competition

This competition challenges participants to visualize a systemic food, energy, or water infrastructure problem and its consequences, as well as realistic opportunities for intervention, including a prototype of one or more of their strategies that could be realized within the next 12 months. AECOM will make available $25,000 of cash and in-kind staff time to support the implementation of the prototype.

Three short-listed teams will be invited to present their proposals before an interdisciplinary panel at the A+D Museum in Los Angeles in October 2015. Urban SOS: All Systems Go jurors will award $15,000 in prizes, which may be divided among one or more teams.

The competition is open to undergraduate and graduate students at all levels of higher education around the world. Entrants must be enrolled in a certified program during the 2015 academic year at Bachelors, Masters, or Ph.D. levels.

For more information, visit: All Systems Go

ULI Fall Meeting Scholarship

ULI – the Urban Land Institute is an independent global nonprofit supported by members representing the entire spectrum of real estate development and land use disciplines. The ULI Fall Meeting is the only event that brings together leaders from every sector of the real estate industry. Thanks to a generous contribution from Wells Fargo, we are able to offer scholarships for undergraduate students to attend the Fall Meeting. 
This scholarship provides undergraduate students the opportunity to attend the Fall Meeting and this year, will include up to $600 in travel expenses. All information can be found here: http://fall.uli.org/register/scholarships/.

A few important reminders:

· Must be a full-time undergraduate student with interest in green building practices.
· Student must complete the application and email their cover letter detailing why they feel most deserving of this scholarship along with their resume to Emeri Lewkowicz at emeri.lewkowicz@uli.org by September 9th, 2015 at 11:59 pm.

To learn more about the Wells Fargo Analyst Program for commercial real estate, please visit: http://myfuture.wf.com/ba-ccb-com-real-estate.

UndocuAlly Training Program

The UndocuAlly Training Program is excited to announce the recruitment for Student Fellows to join our 2015-16 Planning Committee. Over 150 staff members from dozens of campus departments have now gone through this 8 hour training, and the Planning Community is the result of a great collaboration between our students and staff members from the below departments: 

Counseling & Psychological Services
Financial Aid & Scholarships Office
Multicultural Student Development / Multicultural Community Center
Office of the Registrar
Staff Diversity Initiatives
Undocumented Student Program

Students play an essential role in this program as they guide the direction for our curriculum, as well as develop their facilitation skills. If you know of any students who would be interested in developing their facilitation skills and fit the attached qualifications, please encourage them to apply.

Deadline to apply is midnight, Sunday, August 16th.