Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Leadership Award for Undergraduate Students Now Accepting Applications

Hello Cal Student Leaders!

The 2013 application for The Leadership Award is now available online. Established in 1934, The Leadership Award is one of the largest, most prestigious merit-based scholarships at UC Berkeley. The Leadership Award is a one-year, merit-based award of $2,000 that recognizes Cal students who demonstrate innovative, motivational leadership impacting their academic, work, or community environments. 

Apply now: https://alumni.berkeley.edu/services/scholarships/leadership-award/apply-now/current-cal-students 
Application Deadline: June 30 @ 5:00 p.m. PST

*Please ensure you submit the current student application, and that you fulfill the eligibility requirements (please see: alumni.berkeley.edu/leadership); apply early to guarantee receipt of your application. 

Good luck and GO BEARS!

Campus Recylcing and Refuse Services Available Design Staff Assistant Position

Campus Recycling and Refuse Services is now hiring a paid student staff position to reach UC Berkeley’s goal of Zero Waste by 2020!
Campus Recycling and Refuse Services is hiring a Design Staff Assistants to redevelop the CRRS website and create signage for use in buildings and events.

Interested in waste management and graphic design? The Design Staff Assistant will be responsible for developing content to advance the sustainability efforts on campus. This position requires web design and Adobe Photoshop skills.

Please see the attached job description for more information and contact egmckeon@berkeley.edu with questions. This position is paid; work study is preferred.

All applications (resume and cover letter explaining interest and qualifications) must be emailed to egmckeon@berkeley.edu by Monday, July 1 at 5 PM. Students from a variety of majors and years are encouraged to apply. This position will begin work in July 2013 and continue into Fall 2013.


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Deadline for DeCal Proprosals

The Academic Senate's deadline for fall DeCal classes is 16 July, 2013.
All proposals must be submitted, after they've gone through the respective departments, before then, they will NOT schedule any DeCals that have not gone through COCI.

Swisspearl Summer School: Housing Project for Architecture Students (Application Deadline July 1st)

We have an exciting opportunity for our architecture students by ETH Zurich to develop full-scale housing prototypes that will be built in Cape Town. The two week course will be held on 2 – 13 September in Zurich. 
Applications deadline is on 1 July. For more details, please visit: http://u-tt.arch.ethz.ch/classes/summer-2013/empower/

Summer 2013 Architecture Courses

CCN    Course                     Title                                                            Days
13338   arch 101 Sec 003    Elective Studio (requires arch 100A/B)    MWT 1300 - 1800
13350   arch 123 Sec 001    Beg. 2d representation                               M 0900 - 1230
13355   arch 123 Sec 002    Beg. 2d representation                               M 1300 - 1630
13360   arch 124a Sec 001  Int. 2d/3d representation                            F 0900 - 1230
13365   arch124a Sec 002   Int. 2d/3d representation                            F 1300 - 1630
13370   arch 124b Sec 001  Adv. 2d/3d representation                         W 0900 - 1230
13375   arch 124b Sec 002  Adv. 2d/3d representation                         W 1300 - 1630
13380   arch 129 Sec 001    B.I.M.                                                        TuF 1800 - 2100
13385   arch 129 Sec 002    Parametric Design                                     TT 1300 - 1600
13400   arch 139 Sec 001    Building on Paper                                      TT 1600 - 1900
13420   arch 159 Sec 001    The Nature of Structures                           MW 1600 - 1900
13420   arch 169 Sec 001    TBD                                                           MTh 0900 - 1200
13430   arch 179 Sec 001    Unbuilt & Experimental Architectures      MW 0900 - 1200
86505   VS 185X Sec 001   Drawing for Designers                               MW 0900 - 1200
86510   VS 186X Sec 001   Digital Photography                                   TT 0900 - 1200
86515   VS 186X Sec 002   Digital Photography                                   TT 1300 - 1600
86520   VS 187A Sec 001   Freehand drawing                                       MW 1300 - 1600

For more information http://ced.berkeley.edu/academics/architecture/courses/summer/