More UGBA Courses for Non-Haas Majors

Below is a list of Special Topics courses which were added recently to the UGBA Spring 2020 schedule. Non-Haas students are encouraged to add themselves to the waitlist during the remaining Phase II enrollment period. Once adjustment period starts on January 6th, students from the waitlist will be added to UGBA courses on a space available basis.

UGBA 167.1 (Class Number: 11623) Special Topics in Marketing: Marketing Analytics with Giovanni Compiani - 3 units; MW 12:30PM-2:00PM

UGBA 192T.5 (Class Number: 11781) Topics in Corporate Social Responsibility: Impact Startup Disco w/ Jorge Calderon- 1 unit; This is uniquely scheduled on weekends with the following schedule: 
Friday, January 24th - 5pm-7pm
Friday, February 7th - 4pm-8pm
Saturday, February 8th - 9am-4pm
Sunday, February 9th - 12pm-4pm

UGBA 192T.6 (Class Number: 32509) Topics in Corporate Social Responsibility: Financial Tools for Social Impact w/ Brent Copen- 3 units; TTh 11:00AM-12:30PM