Courses to fulfill you Breadth Requirements

Big Ideas Courses

L&S 25: Thinking Through Art and Design@Berkeley: Public Art and Belonging (L. Raiford, L. Kroiz)
                                  Breadth: Arts and Literature

L&S Discovery Courses

L&S C60U/GERMAN C25: Revolutionary Thinking: Marx, Nietzsche, Freud (K. Feldman)
                             Breadth: Philosophy and Values

L&S C70T/ASTRON C12/EPS C12: The Planets (C. Dressing, R. Jeanloz)
                         Breadth: Physical Science

L&S C70V/PHYSICS C10: Physics for Modern Citizens (N. Ji)
                         Breadth: Physical Science

L&S C70W/PHYSICS C21: Physics and Music (T. Buehler)
                        Breadth: Physical Science

L&S C70Y/EPS C20: Earthquakes in Your Backyard (R. Burgmann)
                        Breadth: Physical Science

L&S 70C: Living on the Edge (N. Sitar, R. Kayen)
                        Breadth: Physical Science 

L&S 180AC: Archaeology of Sex and Gender (K. Vacca)
                        Breadth: Social and Behavioral Science