Arts & Literature breadth course: Spanish-American Fiction in English Translation

SPANISH 142: Spanish-American Fiction in English Translation
Prof. Estelle Tarica | 4 units | MWF, 3-4pm | CN: 32672 

This course will be devoted to reading and analysis of modern and contemporary fiction by Spanish-American authors. We will read novels by Alejandro Zambra, Roberto Bolaño, Horacio Castellanos Moya, Rodrigo Rey Rosa, Yuri Herrera, Valeria Luiselli and Julián Herbert. We will approach these works as windows onto the past and present of the region and discuss themes of memory, human rights, national and ethnic identities, globalization, and the pathways of political change. The course will explore the diverse practices of reading and critical analysis that these literary works may demand. Secondary readings will provide historical, literary-historical and political context and will be an important part of our discussion. These readings will also help us hone in on a key question that has been central to the tradition of Spanish-American literary critique: how do fictional texts dialogue with other kinds of texts, literary and non-literary?

The course will be conducted in English and all readings will be provided in English. Students wishing to take this class to fulfill course requirements for the Spanish Major or Minor will be expected to read all primary sources in the original Spanish and to complete all written work (homework, papers, exam) in Spanish.