Improve your writing skills with Art of Writing Courses (Spring 2020)

Enrollment Now Open for Undergraduates

Art of Writing courses teach UC Berkeley undergraduates to write clearly and eloquently in a variety of forms. These intimate courses develop advanced skills in close reading and artful writing, and provide students with intensive feedback on their work. Enrollment in Spring 2020 courses listed below is now open. 

Additional information is available on the Art of Writing website

ManuscriptsComparative Literature 190
Tues Thurs | 9:30-11 am
Timothy Hampton & Kathryn Crim

Writing About Words and Music
Class Number 18544
Academic Guide

College Writing 175
Tues Thurs | 2-3:30 pm
Michael Larkin & Ryan Sloan

Players, Spectators, and Fanatics: Writing on the Cultures of Sports
Class Number 30357
Academic Guide

English 166
Mon Weds | 12-1 pm
Susan Schweik, Max Stevenson, & Tara Phillips

Grant Writing, Food Writing, Food Justice
Class Number 30379
Academic Guide

Integrative Biology 101
Tues Thurs | 2-3:30 pm
Paul Fine

Introduction to Scientific Writing
Class Number 23072
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Environmental Science, Policy & Management 150
Tues | 1-4 pm
Seth Holmes & Levi Vonk

Social Inequality and the Body: Health, Difference, and Inequality in the Social and Natural Environment
Class Number: 26478
Academic Guide

Rhetoric 189 | English 165
Weds | 3-6 pm
Linda Kinstler & Ismail Muhammad

On Lies, Lying, and Liars: A Reading- and Writing-Intensive Investigation
Class Number:
Rhetoric: 24323 | English: 22742