Job Openings for students to join the Data-X Lab

Openings for students to join the Data-X Lab at the Sutadja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology (SCET) for AI, Blockchain, and Data Projects. SCET is offering 5-7 student openings to join the lab's community starting this spring and others to work in the fall and beyond:
* 2 GSI roles for IEOR 135 / 290 (salary + fee remission)
* 3 technical lead positions (paid)
* 2 market/growth hacking positions (paid)
* 2 self-directed undergrad research students (unpaid)
The Data-X Lab at SCET supports a collection of student and faculty-led projects in AI/Data and Blockchain areas.  Over the past year, the data and blockchain sub-lab areas have attracted over $200K in support for experiential teaching and applied research projects. 
Current projects from the lab include open source development code for the popular Data-X course and sponsored projects from firms including LinkQuest, Neo, and Echolink.  
The Data-X lab follows the Innovation Collider model of the Sutardja Center, where the work produced is more than research papers, and often includes diverse team formation with people who don’t often meet, such as Venture Capitalists, industry leaders, researchers, and undergraduate students.
If interested, please send a statement of interest, 1-2 paragraphs in length, along with your resume to Prof. Ikhlaq Sidhu, Cc: Melissa Glass (  In the Subject line and title of your statement, please indicate which position you are applying for.
IEOR 135/290 GSI: We have 2 openings for graduate students GSI's for the Applied Data Science with Venture Applications course (informally Data-X).  Applicant/s should be familiar with current data science tools such as pandas, NLTK, Scikit, Tensorflow/Keras, Beautiful Soup for webscraping, and comfort with data, AI, and related application development topics. This is a paid position.
Data-X Lab Technical Leads (3 openings as technical staff): These openings are for students who already have knowledge of data, AI, and/or blockchain implementation. These students would be interested in developing new notebooks, lecture content, presenting materials, teaching, and potential travel as experts to global companies and academic locations.  They may also participate in applied research projects for companies such as our newest project in automated mobile “network configuration”, which may also result in a venture opportunity. Having already taken the Data-course is a plus, but not required. These projects are also designed to lead to significant career opportunities for technical undergraduates and graduate students. This is a paid position.
Data-X Lab Market Experts (2 openings in growth staff): These 2 openings are for marketing and product management oriented students to work with firms and universities to launch new projects in Data, AI, and Blockchain. These students will focus on “growth hacking” techniques to develop the projects of the Data-X lab.  Student work in this area will include creation and testing of market messages & materials;  awareness and lead generation with firms and universities for collaboration opportunities in the Data-X area; and program and project delivery to end customers off the Lab. All Data-X Lab Market Experts are key roles and will be filled carefully.  These roles will allow for many interactions with business and technical leaders and can lead to significant career opportunities. This is a paid position.
We will additionally accept applications for 2 non-paid students who would like to contribute to one of our current projects as part of our applied research community.
If interested, please send a statement of interest, 1-2 paragraphs in length, along with your resume to Prof. Ikhlaq Sidhu, Cc: Melissa Glass (  In the Subject line and title of your statement, please indicate which position you are applying for.