L&S 105 has Open Seats!

L&S 105 Course Overview 

L&S 105: Arts Entrepreneurship provides students interested in the arts and/or business with an opportunity to develop an idea for an arts organization and turn it into a functioning, sustainable enterprise. Building on each student’s own connection to the arts, the course teaches how to invent an arts organization and define its mission, locate the organization within a community, develop its offerings via products, services and public programs, and manage the organization’s numerous operational features.
The course uses the development of student projects to explore the intersections between art and business. Along with encouraging innovation and creative/critical thinking about the role of arts organizations in society, the course examines theories and practical techniques for professional arts managers, including:
  • Building an arts community
  • Strategic planning for arts organizations
  • Mission and program development
  • Fundraising
  • Financial management
  • Marketing
 The course combines readings, in-class discussions and exercises with site visits, case studies and guest speakers from the local arts community.
L&S 105 is a three-unit, letter-graded course.