Important undergraduate research deadlines

Dear undergraduate students, 

The undergraduate newsletter for late January is linked here.   Right now, late January, is THE time for deadlines for undergraduate research programs.  A few have passed, but most have not, such as Haas Scholars ($13,800 to conduct research in ANY major), SURF ($4,000-$6000 to carry out research), and many others. If you read the newsletter and make a plan soon, you can catch some really great opportunities! 

The newsletter actually goes out weekly, but it is sent to advisors (who forwarded it to you) monthly.  If you want to make sure to not miss out on any late-breaking news, consider signing up for the listserv here.

Also, make sure to browse through the pages of  the undergraduate research web site,  On the web site, we have a database of on and off-campus research programs (most with February-March deadlines), peer advising hours, many documents with advice on how to connect to professors, a calendar of events such as workshops and info sessions, and much more.  

Also, here are quick tables summarizing the remaining spring deadlines for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) students  and for arts, humanities, and social science students.  

Best of luck on your research endeavors!