2018 Challenge Lab Courses with Open Seats

The Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology has a few spring 2018 Challenge Lab courses with open seats. Although our courses and center are in the College of Engineering, our classes are open to all majors.  This semester our courses range from alternative meat solutions, to Blockchain, and disaster and recovery. Please forward this information to your students if you think they would be interested. I've also attached a few flyers as well.

INDENG 185-001: The Challenge Lab; Blockchain
Th 4PM-7PMInstructor(s) P.C. Wu; 4 units
Blockchain is among the most exciting recent developments in computer science. While it has served the basis of the Bitcoin currency, it has significantly more potential because its crypto-locked distributed database has the potential to offer trust, security, and smart contracts to a new generation of internet applications.

INDENG 185-002: The Challenge Lab; Disaster and Recovery in Puerto Rico
Th 4-7PMInstructor(s) R. Powers; 4 units
In this course, you will learn how to apply the Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship (BMoE) to build novel solutions and social enterprises that will help deliver the next generation of solutions to aide and recovery of natural disasters. Given the shifting global climate, disaster and recovery is an emerging need and growth area worldwide. The climate crisis is no longer an abstract issue and needs to be addressed in our lifetime.

INDENG 185-003: The Challenge Lab; Data & Internet Privacy
5-8PMInstructor(s) L Edwards; 4 units
Today, online data trails provide large volumes of personal, real-time consumer information to companies doing business on the Internet. Data tracking and mining provide tremendous opportunity for businesses to personalize content and make decisions about which customers to pursue and what to offer them. At the same time, purchase and use histories, GPS locations, browsing behaviors or social media postings allow companies to connect and mine data streams to gain insights and details that consumers may consider private and may incorrectly assume is undiscoverable.

INDENG 185-004: The Challenge Lab; Cybersecurity
3PM-6PMInstructor(s) R. Rasmussen; 4 units
Information breaches clearly aren’t being solved by cybersecurity technology alone. Since the information you’re protecting, who you’re protecting it from and why are drastically different for corporations, nation states and critical infrastructure providers, an integrated holistic approach to thwarting bad actors is required. This Challenge Lab explores the next generation of Cybersecurity paradigms as they relate to attacker motivation and actions.

INDENG 185-005: The Challenge Lab; Alternative Meat
4-7PMInstructor(s) R. San Martin; 4 units
This course is for students interested in creating the next generation of healthy, delicious, affordable and sustainable plant-based protein foods. Embark on a unique, team-based challenge to build novel enterprises to address the most pressing environmental and ethical issues of our times.