PaperCut Account Refunds 2020

Hello CED Students,


As we approach the end of the spring 2020 semester, we wanted to make you aware that the CED Student Technology Center (Room 477) is actively processing student PaperCut account refunds remotely.  Here is what you need to know.


Refunds are batch processed once per week.  Please be patient with this process, for it requires staff to go into Wurster Hall during the shutdown.  We will be processing as fast as we can, within the current safety guidelines. 


All accounts will be reviewed to determine the original source of any remaining account balances.  Funds originally received as a Waiver or Departmental Transfer cannot be refunded for cash value.  CED Refund Policy remains the same as it has always been – only funds paid by you personally can be refunded to a credit or debit card.


Graduating students have until August 1, 2020 to claim a refund.  After that date, any funds left in your PaperCut account will be donated to the Undergraduate Fee Waiver Program.  Funds in the PaperCut accounts of non-graduating students remain in their account.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Can I get a refund for the Fabrication Shop and/or Digital Fabrication Lab, since I was unable to use it after it was closed?

CED has petitioned campus administration to allow us to issue partial fee refunds for both the DFL and Shop equal to the percentage of the semester (33%) that each were closed due to COVID -19. While we have not yet received authorization to proceed, we are optimistic that we will.


Both the DFL and Shop programs are based on a flat fee model that covers access for the whole semester; the most equitable solution is to give everyone a partial refund equal to the time that DFL and/or Shop use was not available, rather than individual usage levels. 


If and when we do receive campus approval, the refunded amount will automatically be deposited into your PaperCut account. If you do not have a PaperCut account, one will be created for you.


Did you pay for Shop and/or DFL access in Spring 2020 with a credit or debit card?


If Yes:  If and when we receive authorization, these funds will be refundable for a cash value, along with any remaining funds in your PaperCut account that you deposited via credit or debit card.


If No, but used a Waiver:  If and when we receive authorization, you will also automatically receive the 33% refund.  The funds will be deposited into your PaperCut account.  If you do not have a PaperCut account, one will be created for you.  These funds are not refundable for a cash value, but will remain in your account for your use next year.  If you are graduating this year, these funds will be donated back to the Undergraduate Fee Waiver Program.


Are you graduating this Spring, and want to close your PaperCut account?


If Yes:  Please put in a Help Desk ticket request.  Go to and categorize the ticket as “Student Tech/477”.  Someone from our team will respond via the Help Desk with instructions for the account refund procedure. 


If No:  Please consider leaving your funds in your PaperCut account to roll over for use next year.  You can, of course, receive a refund for funds paid by you personally via credit or debit card, but we need to process graduating students first so please do not put in a refund request until June.


If you have any related questions, please feel free to submit a ticket to the CED HelpDesk,

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we proceed with everyone’s requests.




Jill Martin

Manager, Student Tech Center (Room 477)