On-Campus Job Opportunity: Scan to BIM architect

Company Description: Signetron is developing the next generation of Scan to BIM workflow for envelope retrofit of existing buildings with the ultimate goal of improving building energy efficiency. Our system will provide CAM files for panel manufacturers who will pre-fabricate insulation panels offsite from the captured as-built conditions. The goal is to compress the onsite retrofit cycle to less than 7 days, for a multi-family low rise residential building, without the need for occupants to leave the building.

Job Title: Scan to BIM architect. 

Job Description: The Scan to BIM challenge here is that existing buildings are not plumb or 90 degrees and these imperfections need to be reflected in CAD models. This job entails an investigation into existing Scan to BIM tools available in the marketplace and identifying whether existing tools are sufficiently flexible for what we need to do. Examples of such tools include Revit, AutoCAD, cloudworx, RhinoCAD, Pointsense, CloudCompare. If the existing tools are not satisfactory, the candidate will work with our software engineers to develop new software tools that do meet our specifications.  You will also be interacting with our engineers to develop state of the art panel configuration algorithms  for exterior facades, taking into account fenestrations such as windows and doors. Last but not least, we will be developing CAD to CAM conversion methods to create cut files for panel manufacurer's cutting machinery. This is an R&D demo project and the results of our work will be applied to an actual retrofit of a multi-family low rise residential building in California.

Qualifications: Familiar with (a) 3D scanning and Scan to BIM conversion process and state of the art tools; (b)  Revit and AutoCAD point cloud conversion process; (c)  programming is a plus; 

Miscellaneous: Part time position of about 20 hours per week; could be full time during summer; Project will last for at least 18 months.  Starting date is approximately in May or June of 2020.  Salary is commensurate with qualifications. 

Contact: If interested, send your resume and cover letter to info@signetron.com