Spring 2020 UGBA Courses for Non-Haas Majors

UGBA 127.1: Special Topics in Accounting: Financial Reporting and Decision Making for Real Life Success. This is a brand new course and enrollment into this class is available exclusively to non-Haas majors including graduate and PhD students (see attached course fliers for both undergraduates and graduate students). For questions about this course, please contact the instructor,  Professor Yaniv Konchitchki at yaniv@haas.berkeley.edu  

UGBA 135.1 and UGBA 135.2: Personal Financial Management  (see course flier below)

UGBA 19T.2: Special Topics in Corporate Social Responsibility: Edible Education (see course flier below)
UGBA 194.2: Undergraduate Colloquium on Business Topics: Colloquium in Leadership. Also a brand new course (see course flier below)