New Spring 2020 course: Innovation in Disaster Response

Apply to join DevEng 290: Innovation in Disaster Response - a new class offered in Spring 2020!

In this class, students will leverage technology toolkits (e.g. machine learning, IoT, AR/VR) to work on challenges related to Disaster Response. Students will learn methods from design and systems thinking to create a technology-based intervention that addresses specific needs identified by problem partners (including and the World Bank). Interventions will be designed for specific use cases, tested and presented to a committee of external stakeholders for feedback at the end of the course. All disciplinary backgrounds welcome - no technical experience is required!

Information sessions:
  • Monday Nov 25, 4 pm, Blum Hall B100
  • Thursday Dec 5, 4 pm, Blum Hall 330
  • Wednesday Dec 11, 3 pm Blum Hall 330

Course details and application link: 

DevEng 290: Innovation in Disaster Response
Class # 27940
Friday 1-4pm


Have questions? Reach out to Rachel Dzombak (