“Frontiers” in American History and Culture

American Studies 10 – “Frontiers” in American History and Culture
TTh 9:30-11:00 am -  141 McCone; plus one one-hour discussion section per week
Instructors: C. Palmer/M. Brilliant
Class # 18860 - 4 units

Few, if any, concepts in American history and culture resonate more powerfully and reverberate more persistently than the “frontier.” This course will explore multiple manifestations of the frontier in United States history and culture, from the nineteenth century western frontier, to the early twentieth century overseas frontier associated with U.S. expansion abroad, to the mid-twentieth century’s “crabgrass” (or, suburban), “atomic,” and “final” (space) frontiers, to the late twentieth century’s “digital” / “electronic” frontier.  Each of these frontiers will serve as a lens through which we will introduce students to the concepts and methods of American Studies.

This course satisfies the Historical Studies AND the Social and Behavioral Sciences L&S breadth requirements.