Be Part of the Movement! Fill out the CED 2019 Gender-Based Attitudes Survey before Wednesday, November 27th

Current CED Undergraduate Majors Only,

A team of CED undergraduates (supported by a staff advisor) is collecting this data to create a positive messaging campaign in Spring 2020.
All responses are anonymous.
We are interested in knowing what current CED undergraduates think about intervening in gender-based harassment.

Bystander intervention can be direct (example: speaking to the person who is doing the behavior)
or indirect (examples: redirecting a conversation [intentionally changing the subject or using humor], following up with the person who was targeted, creating a distraction, seeking help from peers or authority figures).

The CED 2019 Gender-Based Attitudes Survey closes Wednesday November 27th.
  • It's only 6 short questions. 
  • Be part of the movement!