Introducing... CED Spirit Weeks!

Build a sense of community by showcasing who you are to the College of Environmental Design. Feeling spooky? Wear something to represent your hometown next Friday! Want to represent your major? Wear something to represent it the Friday after Halloween!

Design and foster the CED community in a way that represents you the best!
CED Spirit Weeks:
NEXT FRIDAY: Represent your Hometown
NOV. 4-10: Represent your Major
NOV  11-17: Represent Service
NOV. 18-24: Represent Intersectionality
NOV. 25-27: Represent Family/Heroines/Heroes
DEC. 2-8: Represent Ability Diversity
RRR/FINALS WEEK: Represent Community and Self Care

See attached flyer for all themes!

Sponsored by: CED Undergraduate Student Council