Herbicide-Free Cal seeking Landscape Architecture student partners

Herbicide-Free Cal is seeking CED and Landscape Architecture students to help create a cultural shift towards organic management schemes on campus instead of agrochemicals. Our campaign originally started in 2017 seeking to cease the use of glyphosate on campus and has now grown to assist groundskeepers and landscaping faculty to create a healthier, more sustainable campus management scheme.

Beginning with Faculty Glade and Memorial Glade at Berkeley, this campaign has now spread across the UC campuses and UC President Janet Napolitano enacted a 1-year, temporary suspension of glyphosate use on campus. We have been working closely with Theron Klos, our campus’ Operations and Grounds Services Manager, throughout all these efforts. He is hoping to get Landscape Architecture students involved to help design new landscaping spaces on campus as we discontinue the use of chemicals.

Please let us know if you are interested in helping with this campaign! We hope to schedule a meeting with ourselves, Theron, and interested CED students to discuss the next steps and begin collaborating on these ideas. We can be reached by email at herbicidefreecal@gmail.com, and as Herbicide-Free Cal on Facebook.