CED Study Abroad Infosession, UC Davis Summer Programs

CED Study Abroad Information Session

When: Monday, November 4th, 4-5pm
Where: 172 Wurster Hall 

Come learn about: 
Study abroad options: UCEAP, Berkeley Summer Abroad, Berkeley Global Internships
Financial Aid & Scholarships
When to study abroad and what CED requirements can be completed
Programs related to the built environment

UC Davis 2020 Summer Study Abroad Programs

Spain, Housing and Urbanism in Barcelona
Courses: Community and Regional Development 153B & 198 or Landscape Architecture 191 & 198
Discover the many lessons we can take home from Barcelona on housing development and neighborhood regeneration efforts.

Courses: Landscape Architecture 150 & 198 or Applied Biological Systems Technology 150 & 198
Learn how to use geographic information systems (GIS) in the peaceful, culturally rich, and biodiverse country of Bhutan in the Himalayan Mountains, where progress is measured in Gross National Happiness.

Europe, Design in Europe
Courses: Design 187 & 198, Instructor: Tim McNeil, tjmcneil@ucdavis.edu
Journey through two European countries famous for their trend setting historical and contemporary art, architecture and design.

Courses: Design 116 or 151, & Design 198
Based in Tokyo and Kyoto, this program explores Japan’s design culture and includes visits to castles, temples, and unique museums.

Learn why some European cities are way ahead of U.S. cities in sustainable development and design.  
Courses options:
  • Landscape Architecture 191 & Environmental Science and Policy 173
  • Community and Regional Development 153B & 198
  • Graduate option Landscape Architecture 297 & 298 (per instructor consent)

Costa Rica—Ag Science & Sustainability
Gain experience working with multiple areas of sustainable and tropical agriculture at EARTH University. Spend 2 weeks in each area: peri-urban agriculture, tropical crops, and organic agriculture.

For more information, use the hub search tool and visit the program pages for more details on courses, accommodations, instructor, excursions, fees (financial aid applies!), etc. Programs are open to all university students. In fact, students from all UCs attend UC Davis programs each summer, and many use summer financial aid from their home campus.