DIS Interior Architecture Studio is now open for Fall 2019

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Dear colleagues,

Below, you will find updates about semester and summer study abroad opportunities in the fields of urban design and interior architecture at DIS Copenhagen. I hope you find them interesting and pass on to relevant colleagues.

Interior Architecture Studio Open for Fall Semester

I am delighted to share that the Interior Architecture Studio is now available during both the fall and spring semesters. The course was previously offered only during the spring semester. We are very excited about this and hope this gives more flexibility for you and your students.
Learn about the Interior Architecture Studio

Is the Interior Architecture Studio right for your student?

The Interior Architecture Studio is for students coming from interior design and interior architecture.

We also suggest that architecture students consider the program as an option and a way to dive more deeply into the understanding and design of interior spaces and use of light, materials, color, etc. It is our belief, that such a focus further strengthens architects and interior architects alike.

In past semesters, assignments in the studio have focused in particular on adaptive reuse - a huge theme in many places in the world – as well as exhibition design.
Admission for Fall 2019 

While the final deadline to apply is April 1, DIS often reaches capacity before published deadlines. Please share this opportunity with colleagues and students early on.

Great Electives for Interior Architecture Semester Students

Studying interior architecture at DIS gives students access to a handful of relevant and exciting electives. Allow me to share a few of them with you:
With different geographical scopes, these two courses take students through all the design disciplines and how they developed in modern times.

Danish Design

New Nordic Design
Most of the structures and buildings we need in the future are already with us on the planet. The challenge, though, is how to adapt these structures for the future and new purposes.

This course explores different strategies and approaches to adaptive reuse, making use of good examples in both Copenhagen and throughout Europe.

Adaptive Re-use in Europe: Cities and Buildings
Students dig into the details, junctures, and connections that make up the inner life of architecture and interior architecture. Using studies of existing buildings, the course develops a better understanding of detailing, while also exploring exciting ways of representing the details in architecture and interior architecture.

Detailing and Sustainability in Scandinavian Architecture

Urban Design during Summer Session 4 

June 11 - August 2, 2019
7 weeks, 7 credits

While Urban Design Core Courses are offered during the semester, I want to particularly highlight the summer as a phenomenal time to study urban design in Copenhagen. Named as one the world’s most livable cities, experiencing Copenhagen in the summer really makes one fully appreciate this.
Learn about the Urban Design Studio in the summer
Experiential Learning    

The Urban Design Studio during our Summer Sessions takes full advantage of the great urban outdoors, by discovering urban design first-hand through assignments. We look at just how important urban design is for the people in the city by going on Field Studies and exploring the world-renowned bicycle infrastructure in Copenhagen. 
Study Tours in Scandinavia

The week-long Study Tour to Sweden/Finland or Sweden/Norway further expands student’s understanding and appreciation of urban design and life in Scandinavia.

Application Deadline 

The deadline to apply for Summer 2019 is March 15.
Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have questions or would like to hear more.

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Henning Thomsen

Program Director
Architecture & Design, Furniture Design, Graphic Design