Berkeley Geography - 2019 Summer Course Offerings!

The geography department at UC Berkeley would like to invite your students to join us on campus this summer for summer sessions 2019! We are offering a wide array of courses this summer, many that are lower division and would be a great introduction for students to human geography or earth systems science. Most of these courses are great for students of any background or interest, and there are few that require pre-requisites. Click here for an info flyer!

Students can find the full listing of our summer offerings through the Berkeley Course Guide. They can also learn more about our department and faculty through the Berkeley Geography website. Click here for another info flyer!

I have attached several flyers describing our summer courses to this email should you want to print them for display or disperse them via email to your students. 

If your students have any questions about summer courses at Berkeley, they can find information to many common questions through these links:
I also wanted to mention the program for community college students and UC Berkeley called Pathways that will allow eligible US students to transfer financial aid to take Berkeley Summer Sessions courses. Please refer your students to their website for more information: Pathways to Four-Year Universities.
Please let me know if you have any questions regarding our summer course offerings.



Sarah Varner, M.Ed. | Undergraduate and Graduate Student Advisor
Department of Geography
University of California, Berkeley
509A McCone Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720 Direct line: (510) 664-7698