Act NOW to catch Feb ugrad research deadlines; $ to do research this summer!

Right *now*, February, is THE time to catch deadlines for $ and support to carry out research this summer and next year.   For example,

SURF L&S, deadline 2/21, provides $5,000 to carry out independent research this summer leading to a senior thesis or its equivalent next year.
Eligibility:  3.0 gpa, L&S major, graduating F’19 or S’20, any citizenship status

SURF Rose Hills , deadline 2/21, provides $6,000 to carry out independent or faculty-initiated STEM research this summer.
Eligibility:  STEM major, US citizen, from Southern California

Haas Scholars Program , deadline 2/20, NOON, provides up to $13,800 to carry out an independent project this summer and next year.
Eligibility:  3.45+ gpa, evidence of financial need, graduating F’19 or S’20

Stronach Baccalaureate Prize , deadline 3/1, provides up to $25,000 to carry out a public service project after graduation. 
Eligibility:  Graduate of UC Berkeley (Bachelors’ degree)  in F’19 or S’20 

But there are many more opportunities, both on and off campus!  Please see this link to view our latest newsletter, which includes workshops, info sessions, and deadlines for the entire month of February.   And even more opportunities, advice, and events are linked to the undergraduate research website,

Also, you are receiving this newsletter because your undergraduate advisors forwarded it to you. I send to the advisors roughly once a month. However, if you want to be informed and not miss any late-breaking deadlines, please consider filling out this short form to sign up for the undergraduate research listserv, which comes out every two weeks. 

Thanks, and may your research dreams come true!