Take a Survey to Enter to Win an iPad Mini!

Give us five minutes and you could win an iPad Mini
Help us better understand where you and your fellow CED grads are off to after graduation by taking five minutes to take the Career Center’s annual survey of graduating seniors. This rich resource provides us with the latest information on where you and your peers are heading, whether to grad school or employment, and what resources and experiences have been most useful in forging the next step in your careers.
You can contribute to this effort by clicking on the link below while at the same time making yourself eligible to win one of the two remaining iPad Minis being given away.
Interested in seeing where last year’s CED grads are now? Find the responses of our 2017 majors at https://career.berkeley.edu/Survey/2017Majors
So help yourself, your friends and future graduates by taking a few minutes to tell us about your plans!