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New Office Instagram Launches
Welcome to our new Instagram platform! Instagram is a photo-sharing social media popular among students, and we believe it is a visually creative way for everyone in our community to express their sustainability aspiration and passion. Our new Instagram “calsustainability” will feature events and research on campus, lifestyle tips, sustainable eatery features, green ideas from around the world – all in beautiful photos! Come join us, contribute, at and learn more

Pac-12 Zero Waste Game Day, Feb. 24
This Saturday Cal will be defending the champion title for the 4th year in the Pac-12 Road to Zero Waste Competition, at the Men's basketball game against University of Washington. Come and support Cal and zero waste efforts! Find out more. 
Reframing our relationship with water
Saving water in California has become part of our new reality. Berkeley is reframing how we use water and innovating solutions on how to use less, in operations and research.        
Read more about the importance of water conservation and download water saving tips.
TGIF grant abstract, due Feb. 26
The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) provides funding for projects that make UC Berkeley more sustainable. This year’s program is prioritizing projects with an environmental justice focus. Faculty, staff, and students may apply. Final date to submit your abstract is Monday, Feb. 26.  Find out more.

Annual CACS Sustainability Award Nominations, due March 22nd Recognize the contributions of your fellow faculty, staff, students, and community members who are making UC Berkeley a more sustainable place to work, live, and play. Learn more and submit the simple nomination form by March 22nd.  Awards will be presented by Chancellor Christ at the Annual Sustainability Summit in April.

Summer field research in Thailand
Interested in research on sustainability and global development? Travel to Thailand this summer with Berkeley faculty through the International Alliance of Research Universities’ (IARU) field course! Apply by March 16th; open to advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students.


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