CED Big Give

On March 8th, CED will be raising money through the University-wide day-of-giving known as the BIG GIVE. This year is special, because ALL $$ raised will go towards a Diversity Scholarship Fund, and if donations reach $100K, the fund will become a PERMANENT ENDOWMENT!

What can you do to help, then? 

Well, here's a list of ways to help us reach this exciting goal (that was promoted by the active engagement of CED students last year btw):

1) Tell your story! CED's  development team is working hard reaching out to alumni, but donors really want to hear from students! Help them get the word out about how important this opportunity is through this link:  testimonial form.   

2) Come hang out! The dev team will have a table at the Circus on March 2nd and during the Big Give on March 8th to talk to alumni about the need for a permanent diversity fund. Volunteer to help at the table here: ced.berkeley.edu/biggiveform

3) Post it! Not everyone has a rich uncle that can donate, but everyone has a network! And who know? A friend of a friend of a friend of a friend (you get the idea) 's uncle may have that rich uncle! Social media and email are powerful fundraising tools, so don't underestimate how helpful your connections might be. On Big Give Day, March 8th use both hashtags #CEDBigGive and #CalBigGive on any social media (original posts are great, but you can also simply repost content from CED), then show your post at Rice N Bones for a free coffee!

This is an incredible opportunity to improve funding for diversity at CED! We'd love your help! 

Diversely yours,

Joy and Sam

CEDSOC Diversity Campaign Co-Chairs