Undergraduate Research Opportunities with the Berkeley Food Institute DEADLINE JANUARY 23

SPUR and URAP Undergraduate Student Researchers 
Applications open until January 23, 2018.

BFI seeks 6 creative and motivated undergraduates who wish to gain understanding of the UC Berkeley food system while strengthening research and mapping skills. Join the “Building Equitable and Inclusive Food Systems at UC Berkeley: Foodscape Mapping Project." Since 2015, the project has brought together active collaborators from across campus to help bridge the gaps between food and justice. Toward this end, you will work through the SPUR (Sponsored Projects for Undergraduate Research) and URAP (Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program) research programs, creating a dynamic “Foodscape Map” to both reveal barriers to the full participation of historically marginalized community members in food-related learning and practice, and highlight opportunities and successes in overcoming such obstacles See the map in progress here.

The URAP team will perform in-depth research on food in the UC Berkeley Greek System and Berkeley Student Cooperatives. URAP is open to all Berkeley undergraduate students. Read project description and apply here.
The SPUR team will use their design, illustration, data visualization, and programming skills to create graphics of 10-15 datasets related to the Foodscape Map. SPUR is open to College of Natural Resources students of at least sophomore standing. Read the project description and apply here.