Rockridge Community Planning Council

For more information or to apply, email or call 510-547-0275 x 304.
The Rockridge Community Planning Council (RCPC) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) group involved in preserving and enhancing the Rockridge area of North Oakland.  The RCPC Board has authorized funding for a study of the local built environment, and is offering a paid internship.  
We anticipate growth and change in the neighborhood, especially as regards pressure for increased density, and want to understand current conditions.  The study will look at a representative part of the district that would include a portion of College Avenue [and perhaps some adjacent residential blocks near the BART station].  The goal will be to establish what the present residential density is, and what additional density is possible under the present zoning designations.  This information can inform the neighborhood's discussion about future change and growth, and help RCPC work effectively with Oakland's planning department and City Council.  RCPC understands the need for more housing, and is interested in how best to meet this need while preserving the area’s ambiance.

The first task of the survey will be to determine the location and geographical extent of the study area.  Research materials will include City and County records, as well as direct observation.  The format for communicating the results will include written and graphic materials.  Definition of schedule, payment, and product, as well as how RCPC will manage the process will in part be determined by the schedule and skill set of the intern.