PIRG Campus Action New Years Resolutions

PIRG Campus Action's new years resolution is to work toward making a greener, healthier, more meaningful future! So, here are a few of the big campaigns we are running on college campuses across the country:
100% Renewable Energy – The time is now for America to realize its potential to achieve 100% renewable energy. And campuses, with their resources, their ideas, their idealism and their energy, are the perfect places to lead the way on renewables. That’s why we’re working to establish carbon-free campuses across the country.
Styrofoam Free – Something used for 10 minutes to sip a cup of coffee shouldn't be polluting our earth for 500+ years. Our organizers are working to protect places like the Chesapeake Bay and the Charles River by getting campuses and companies to go styrofoam free.
Combating Hunger and Homelessness – We are also fighting poverty by working with local shelters to get our fellow citizens the food, clothing and housing they deserve.
We have a lot to accomplish this year. We will be on campuses in February recruiting, so we will be talking to you soon. If you are interested or think you would be a good fit for our career opportunities, you can read more on our website or contact me, Megan Anderson at jobs@studentpirgs.org