CEA Internships Abroad


CEA will now begin offering full-time internships in the summer of 2018. We are pleased to provide further opportunities to develop and refine the career skills students seek and employers want.
Highlights from this 8-week, full-time, internship-only program include:
  • An individualized placement process that matches internship placements with students’ strengths and targets workplace skills students need; 
  • Meaningful 30 to 35 hours per week with placements that challenge students to engage with their local internship hosts while gaining marketable skills and work experience;
  • A weekly Multicultural Workplace seminar filled with CEA intern cohorts that encourages students to integrate the theoretical knowledge they have gleaned in coursework with their internship experiences; 
  • A 10-hour Capstone Project whose outcome is the creation of a student-produced career research project that will culminate in a formal presentation, a LinkedIn Profile, a Cover Letter, and a Résumé, which will highlight the internship experience and aid students in their job searches after graduation
  • 6 hours of credit 

We will continue to offer part-time internship only and study + internship programsduring the summer as well. The deadline for most of these programs is March 1 (the London deadline is February 1).

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