Great breadth courses with seats available

Looking for a breadth course that is guaranteed to be great? Several L&S Discovery Courses and Big Ideas Courses still have space available. A quick list is below, and you can find details on the programs' websites.

Arts and Literature breadth:

* L&S 25: Thinking Through Art + Design @Berkeley: California Countercultures

Biological Science breadth:

* L&S C30U: Americans and the Global Forest

* L&S C30V: Environmental Issues

* L&S C30Y: Biology for Voters

* L&S C30Z: Bio-Inspired Design

Philosophy and Values breadth:

* L&S 160B: Effective Personal Ethics for the 21st Century

Physical Science breadth:

* L&S 70C: Living on the Edge

* L&S C70T: The Planets