Fall 2016 U.S. PIRG Campaign Update!

Fall 2016 U.S. PIRG Campaign Update
We’re Pushing Restaurants To Protect Antibiotics
Food industry practices are threatening public health. Factory farms routinely use antibiotics on their animals—even when they’re not sick. This misuse and overuse of antibiotics is leading to infections in humans that can’t be cured. And the problem is growing. Antibiotics that we once used as “last resorts” for hard-to-treat cases can no longer be relied on to work.
Last year, both McDonald’s and Subway made commitments to protect public health after hundreds of thousands of people like you emailed, called and petitioned them to take action. We want KFC, the country’s largest fried chicken chain, to make the switch next. Thanks to you, we’ll keep up the pressure to protect public health.

Calling For Equal Voice In Our Elections
As we near the November elections, U.S. PIRG is working to ensure that in our democracy, everyone has a say. In addition to building support from Americans to overturn Citizens United, U.S. PIRG and our national coalition are also working to win small donor reforms in cities and states across the country, including ballot measures in Washington state and Howard County, Md., and a county council campaign in Washington, D.C.

Getting Toxics Out Of Our Personal Care Products
You should be able to trust that the personal care products you use are safe—especially the ones you use daily. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Many products, from shampoos to baby wipes, contain harmful chemicals that can cause cancer, disrupt hormones or create developmental problems.
We’re calling on manufacturers, like Procter & Gamble, Unilever and L’Oréal, to remove toxic chemicals from their products and disclose ingredients of concern.

We’re looking for entry-level staff to join our campaign teams. We’re hiring fellows and digital campaigners. Fellows develop campaigns, build coalitions and make the case directly to decision makers. Digital campaigners run digital campaigns that engage hundreds of thousands of people. Both positions for people who are ready to learn the of organizing and put their skills to work casting a spotlight on social problems. Please direct qualified candidates to our website: jobs.uspirg.org