Take a Semester On Fellowship: Sustainable Architecture in Rural India

Background Information:
At Project Potential, we are creating an alternative university for rural youth to pursue conscious living and to find a balance between the self, community and environment.  We don't have any teachers, syllabus, or degrees, and instead, Swayam Seekhis (self-learners) pursue self-designed learning--including apprenticeships, workshops and collaborative projects--in a rich intellectual community.

Project Potential University Campus:
We are working on building our 20 acre campus, incorporating principles of eco-architecture (using bamboo and mud), permaculture, water management, waste management, natural farming and others.

Take a Semester On program:
Under this program, we invite youth from across the globe to take a semester off and to come and work with us. They will be free to undertake their own self-designed learning projects, under the larger umbrella of our campus design and in collaboration with our architect.

To apply follow the direct link below:
For more details, you can visit: http://www.projectpotential.org/take-a-semester-on/
Any  additional questions? contact: zubin@projectpotential.org.