Volunteer Position Description: Graphic Designer

Position Overview & Purpose: 
The Graphic Designer works with staff to create marketing, outreach and promotional flyers and materials for print and internet publication. Visual communication of our events is critical to reaching diverse communities.

Desired Skills/Experience/Qualifications:
Previous experience in designing flyers and other types of print materials
Facility in desktop design, using photographs, clip art, illustration. Preferable if you have and can use Adobe InDesign
Detail oriented and able to complete projects in a timely manner
Comfortable with receiving feedback, and following directions
Communicate visually across different cultures.

Create concise, visually appealing, and easy to read layouts and flyers for events at EBMC.
Flyers should read well in both color and in black and white. 

Time Commitment & Schedule: 
An average of 2 flyers per month, 2-4 hours every two weeks
Location: The work can be completed anywhere, and sent electronically.

Contact: Xiaojing, EBMC Assistant Director, Xiaojing@eastbaymeditation.org