Saturday, March 7, 2015

Public Service Center Workshop

Public Service Center Workshop
Tuesday March 3rd 2015
All Trainings 6-8pm

Training: From Roots to Fruits: A Critical Model for Reflective Action
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Trainer/Facilitator: Johanna Romero – Alt Breaks Student Director & Kristen Nelson – Shinnyo Fellow

Location: 250 Dwinelle Hall

Description: This workshop will explore two important models for reflective action: the Root Causes Tree and the Shinnyo Paradigm of Service. Each of these models uses a tree metaphor to encourage informed community service and social justice action. The root causes tree reveals how a wide range of community issues and individual struggles stem from broader policies and social structures that may not be apparent on first glance. The Shinnyo paradigm encourages reflection on our actions as grounded in our values. How can we engage these two models simultaneously? How can our dedication to identifying, and responding to root causes be infused with a reflective process about what we value most?