Friday, November 21, 2014

Spring 2015 Course- Visual Studies 185X: Songs & Places: México SP 2015 / 4 units

Note: This course fulfills the CED upper div outside major requirement.

A special course in the Visual Studies Program involving music, cultural history and the visual arts. Of particular interest to students with Spanish language background. Many of you have grown up with this music--but not so many know where it comes from or how it's evolved--the performers, the traditions, the way the songs dovetail with the culture in general. These are beautiful and engaging questions. That's why the course--which also offers a kind of forum or meeting space (hogar cultural) for students with roots in México and Latin America as a whole. And a chance to challenge yourself through the artwork you make in response.

Prerequisites? At least some studio art and music background. A firm grasp of Spanish is required, and genuine interest in the subject. Familiarity with Mexican/Latinoamerican culture(s) a plus. Class size will be limited to 15 students.

Interested students should read the extended course description: Spring 2015 Courses | UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design and contact Anthony Dubovsky directly: