Friday, November 21, 2014

Spring 2015 Course- "To the Capstone & Beyond"

The Study Strategies & Resources Program, located at The Student Learning Center (SLC), offers a section of Education 98/198: “To the Capstone & Beyond”, a 2 unit P/NP course to support upper division students who are preparing for, or are currently composing a culminating senior thesis, research project, and/or other creative endeavor. Our course supplements existing departmental and campus resources that are available to students at various stages of their research processes.

Through individual written assignments and collaborative discussions, students will:
· Define their research objectives and project scope
· Practice written and oral presentation skills in framing their work
· Participate in discipline-specific and interdisciplinary conversations
· Strategize approaches to faculty/mentor feedback
· Learn to actively apply relevant study strategies (i.e., time management, goal-setting, reading & writing strategies, etc.) 
· Consult with the instructors to help monitor individual goals 

Day & Time: Thursdays 2-4pm (beginning the first week of instruction)
Location: 214 Haviland

Section #: 11 CCN: 23620
Section #: 11 CCN: 23890