Monday, September 1, 2014

Arch 242 – Colloquium: Design for Sustainability Fall ‘14

Friday, 1-2:00, Rm 112 Wurster, 1-2 units

Prof. Gail Brager
Credit earned with required attendance, reading and one final project (1 unit), and additional writing assignments (2 units). Everyone is welcome to attend the lectures without enrolling

Aug 29
Gail Brager
Professor and Associate Director,
Center for the Built Environment
Design for sustainability: an introduction
Sept 5
Lynn SimonSenior Vice-President, Thornton Tomasetti
Sustainability: The intersection of collaboration, performance, and well-being
Sept 12

Lisa MatthiessenPrincipal, Integral Group

Costs and benefits of net zero design
Sept 19
David Johnson
Director of West Coast Studio, McDonough and Partners
Design for abundance: architecture & urban design as a regenerative force
Sept 26
Elizabeth Baca
Senior Health Advisor, Governor’s Office of Planning and Research
Building healthy communities: innovative planning for health and sustainability
Oct 3
Tom McKeag
Editor, Zygote Quarterly Magazine
Surfing for free: Can nature-inspired design innovations in our buildings reduce the impact of climate change?
Oct 10
Jeff Oberdorfer
Executive Director, First Community Housing
Affordable housing: developing LEED Platinum (and beyond)
Oct 17

Ted van der LindenDirector of Sustainability, DPR Construction

Getting to net zero: strategies & implementation
Oct 24

No Class - Greenbuild

Oct 31

Sandy Mendler
Principal, Mithun | Solomon

Regenerative urbanism: leveraging urban nature for health and prosperity
Nov 7

Kristin Miller
Executive Director, Ecocity Builders

 Where communities locate themselves — ecological design and citizen participation
Nov 14

Suzanne NapierVice-President, SmithGroupJJR

Integrated design: processes, trends and solutions
Nov 21
Heather Cooley
Director, Water Program, Pacific Institute
The untapped potential of California’s water supply
Dec 5
Poster Exhibition