Monday, September 1, 2014

American Cultural Landscapes, 1600 to 1900

Cross-listed as Geography C160A, Environmental Design C169A, and American Studies C112A

This course introduces ways of seeing and interpreting American histories and cultures, as revealed in the everyday built surroundings of homes, highways, farms, factories, stores, recreation areas, small towns, city districts, and entire regions. The course encourages students to read landscapes as records of past and present social relations, and to speculate for themselves about the meanings of material culture.

Registration for a section is required by Telebears—but NOTE—Telebears section assignments are tentative. Final section placement will be determined by cards filled out, in person, on the first day of class. 

Lectures: Tu/Th 11-12:30 in Wurster Auditorium 112 Wurster Hall

Sections: Tu 1-2, Wed 1-2, Th 3-4, Th 4-5