Saturday, June 21, 2014

Big Ideas Courses

All of these are team taught, by at least two faculty members from completely different departments. For fall we have these courses:

Art and Science, which can satisfy AL or HS breadth

Origins: From the Big Bang to the Emergence of Humans (Bio or Phys Sci breadth)

Oceans (Bio or Phys Sci breadth)

And our newest course: Human Fertility: Biology, Culture and Choice (satisfies Bio Sci or SBS breadth).

In addition, there are two courses, one especially for new undecided freshmen and the other for any undergraduate:

L&S 1: Exploring the Liberal Arts gives new students a great overview of the intellectual riches of the college. This is an ideal course for undecided freshmen. It's two units P/NP.

L&S 10: The On the Same Page class. Take this one-unit, pass/no pass class if you want to earn credit for reading this year's book, Freedom's Orator, and participating in On the Same Page activities in the fall.