Friday, March 7, 2014

Fellowship of Reconciliation Immediate Assistant

Short-term research assistant needed - immediate
The Fellowship of Reconciliation needs an assistant in March 2014 to complete detail-oriented work for a report on US military assistance and human rights in Colombia that will be published this Spring. The tasks - estimated up to 20 hours - include matching municipal codes to data in an excel file of municipalities where extrajudicial executions occurred, in order to generate maps. A person with skills in generating charts from data tables in Excel is also needed. Compensation if $15/hour ($20/hour for a person with chart-creation skills), and work must be completed as soon as possible, in any case during this month. Preference is to work with someone in Oakland/Berkeley area, though would work with someone outside the Bay Area if they are available now and have the skills. Please send a cover letter and resume to John Lindsay-Poland, at