Tuesday, March 25, 2014

DawnTown Miami Competition 2014

DawnTown Miami has launched its architecture ideas competition for the 2014 season entitled Alternative Mobilities. 

Increasing fuel prices and tightening infrastructure budgets are leading many commuters to seek alternative modes of transportation. Alternative Mobilities explores a different type of transportation hub, oriented towards providing personal and pedestrian transport, without the large public budgets necessary to produce mass transit networks of the tradition bus and rail super projects. Providing low-cost, low-fuel, high efficiency private transit without interfering with existing transport modes, Alternative Mobilities seeks a new form of urban transportation network: personal, inexpensive, fast, mobile, efficient and available on demand 

Attached in this email is our competition poster. Please consider distributing it through your social media outlets and also among your fellow faculty, students, alumni, and colleagues. 

Early Bird registration is still available until March 27th. To register visit: dawntownmiami.eventbrite.com

You can find the competition brief on our website at: www.dawntown.org/competition