Saturday, February 1, 2014

New Course: Urban Geography: Development and Difference

Why do American cities host such extremes of wealth and poverty?

Who or what is responsible for gentrification?

Why are American cities still segregated by class, race, and ethnicity?

These are some of the questions we will address through a broad survey of the geography of American cities. The theme of the course will be how processes of urban development have connected with racial, class, and ethnic difference from the industrial cities of the 19th century to the supposedly “post-racial” metropolises of the present. We will use field trips, reflections on students’ own experiences of urban environments, and readings from diverse perspectives to develop a rich, holistic understanding of American cities and how they have changed.

Instructor: Katy Guimond 

CCN: 36349 
GEOG 170, Section 003

Tuesday & Thursday 3:30-5:00 
McCone 145 

Open seating, non-majors welcome.